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Atlanta Audio Club Annual Headphone Meet - May 3, 2020


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We WILL do our annual meet on MAY 3, 2020 at the Dunwoody North Driving Club (DNDC) where we met last year. Same location, same time... 12N to 5PM. As usual we'll provide space, tables, power, and refreshments! You provide the equipment and extension cords/power strips you need.

Everyone is welcome, whether you're from the industry or an enthusiast. We'll find room for everyone to show off your "stuff". If you didn't make it last year, here's another chance!! This meet is open to all, from beginners to veterans of the headphone wars! We guarantee there will be something of interest for everyone. Just getting started?? Here’s your chance to see lots of set-ups in one location and talk to the experts about your passion!

"Old Timers" wiling to share... we need you here too!

Watch our web page Click Here... for more info as it becomes available! We'll let you know if any manufacturers or distributors will be here (there are usually a few) and any of the latest amazing equipment that will be available for you to hear! Don't miss it!!
John Morrison, President, Founding Member
Atlanta Audio Club

Direct: 770-330-3919
mailto:[email protected]
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17 hours ago, jhm3 said:

Hey Dragon! Wish you could be here too... Look for us under AAC nowadays though. We changed our name. It was easier than having to leave town! 😂

Heh, close enough. I've been gone from Chattanooga for over 2 years now, so I'm not as entrenched as I used to be. I DID, however, see Tom Hankins and Lee Scoggins at RMAF last fall!


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My bad! I should have placed notifications on the headphone groups also! At this point we do not know when we can have another meeting. We are looking at doing a streaming presentation, but it would be limited to information presentation and not listening. Most of our meetings are about listening to music over specific systems or equipment. NO real way to translate one of these to a streaming program.

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There is still a possibility, but I believe, at least at this time, it appears to be pretty low. There are real concerns about the difficulty/safety in holding a meet that depends on close interaction between participants such as sharing of headphones and other equipment in very close quarters. 

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