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Full kit of parts for D.I.Y. T2 available....

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In 2011 I bought everything needed for a D.I.Y. T2 ( except the chassis and the 4-gang attenuator or pot for level control) and had every intention of building the thing... but then I became disabled and unable to build it.... though I still fantasized that I would build it- somehow.

Well, that clearly is never going to happen, and due to the situation I find myself in, I need to get the money back that I spent on these parts.  I offered them to Birgir (Spritzer) but he doesn't need them; he suggested I offer them here.

I have attached my T2 Bill of Materials with part numbers, prices and etc.  Have a look and if you are interested, make an offer. FYI  I will only sell this as a lot.


All transistors  obtained from sources other than Mouser/Digikey/Allied have been characterised ( breakdown voltage and curves measured ) to make sure there are no fakes.



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Very sad to hear about your situation. My build users mostly SMD parts so this is not a good fit for me. 

I do think this would be a great opportunity for someone else who is interested in building a T2. 

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