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  1. That’s very impressive! Thread milling is more about the rigidity of the mill. At that size I’m not sure how well it would work, but it might be worth a try. I run my spindle at 12k rpm. Other than that it’s just a program/speeds/feed.
  2. Yes. I got these two thread mills: #4-40 #6-32 and #8-32 Took a bit of work to get the bit setup correctly in Fusion360, but works great now. When you're ready to try them, I can help you out.
  3. Here’s an example of me milling some small brackets without having to worry about the outer contours
  4. All this CNCing got me excited, so I figured I’d share... Here’s my mill and this is a heat sink that I am thread milling. Very cool stuff IMG_2788.MOV Also, I’ve been using painters tape and super glue instead of fixtures. Works great on metal. So much easier.
  5. Happy Birthday Grahame! Enjoy
  6. Congrats and nice T2 Al! Fond memories
  7. Happy Birthday Todd!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Bryan!
  9. Happy Birthday Dusty!
  10. I like the 7v version for the GRLV supplies, but it doesn’t matter. From a noise perspective, I think they’re slightly better. If you’re talking about the T2 power supplies, I believe they need to be 10V. You could potentially recalculate all of the set resistors.
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