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  1. I send my stuff out for the moment. They use a fiber laser. Very nice stuff. Congrats and good luck.
  2. I thought it was just stereo...
  3. If you're having issues with a 4 amp fuse at 240VAC you may have something wrong. Make sure it is a slow blow fuse. They start with a T in front of the of the value (i.e. T2A @ 250V).
  4. Mine also run at about 205W. I've been using T3.15A 250V slow blow fuses in the US and I drop that down to T2A for 220VAC or higher. I think these values are pretty reliable.
  5. Happy Birthday, Todd!
  6. Happy Birthday Antonio!
  7. I'm proud of him in so many ways, but I failed completely to get him interested in high end audio
  8. Looks like some kind of fishing attack… please remove link
  9. I was looking at this for a little while. My son ended up getting the version with the built in amp, but I agree it’s best to use an external DAC with it. I think it’s pretty good (not perfect) and my son is happy with his.
  10. That’s very sad Chris. It’s a very hard disease for all. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  11. Happy Birthday Jose
  12. Warmest wishes for your birthday Birgir! Enjoy
  13. For laser etching anodized aluminum, you typically only burn out the dye from the anodizing. Once you burn into the aluminum, it typically turns the aluminum brown. Try using less power to see if you can get it a little whiter, but it looks very good.
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday, Justin! Enjoy
  16. Congrats It's been a long while since I've had any lollipops on my endmills. I just looked at some of my typical settings. I'm using 1/8" bits, < .039" (.99mm) depth of cut with a speed of 15" (381mm) / minute for most general cutting. For a 2mm bit with longer cuts I might dial back the depth to .03" (.75mm) or possibly a bit less (not a typical operation for me). I run the spindle at 14400 RPM for most milling operations. Drilling and thread milling is slower (5K - 12K RPM). YMMV I have a mister with air, but I typically only use air. I'm using these carbide single flute upcut bits: Kyocera - 1/8" Single Flute Kyocera - 2mm Single Flute Onsrud - 1/4" Single Flute They say for plastics, but someone had recommended them to me years ago and I haven't had issues since. Good luck!
  17. Thanks everyone. I went out for a nice dinner
  18. Congrats to you and Joanne! Welcome
  19. Agreed The foxalien machine looks decent with linear rails which are needed for rigidity when machining metal. You'll definitely need a real spindle. I noticed they include a 65mm support, but you really should look for one that supports 80mm and an ER16 collet. If you want to get fancy like @naamanf you could get one with an auto tool changer. Have fun!
  20. Looking for some of these parts while I wait on an order... Mini-Universal MATE-N-LOK, Rectangular Power Connectors, Header, Receptacle, Wire-to-Board, 2 Position Part Number: 1-770166-0 Does anybody have some they can spare? Thanks
  21. Agreed on the 32GB of RAM and 6GB of video memory. Also, some of the "more powerful" laptops are quite loud.
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