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  1. Happy belated birthday Todd!! Enjoy the upcoming celebration on Friday
  2. Happy Birthday Tom!!! Best wishes for the coming year. Enjoy
  3. Happy Birthday, Bryan! Cheers
  4. If it was regulating at 55v, you should be fine at full voltage. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  5. For the first test .5 mA is good for points A1 - B1. The third test seems off to me. I’m not sure if A3 - B3 makes sense. The current through R10 is very small. How are you measuring that?
  6. Beautiful work guys. Love it!
  7. Hakko FR-301. I’m very happy with mine. Get a few different tips.
  8. Happy Birthday Mikey! Enjoy
  9. Look into California Air for the compressor. They’re very quiet.
  10. Happy Birthday Marc! Hope you enjoyed the day
  11. Very enjoyable evening. I’m glad I could tag along
  12. Happy Birthday, Dusty! Enjoy
  13. I'm planning on going as well. Looking forward to seeing the everyone
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