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What is your favorite thing?


chose wisely  

  1. 1. chose wisely

    • Money
    • Oral Sex
    • Cars
    • Audio Toys
    • Pretzels
    • Churros
    • Peace and other stupid crap
    • laserz (doood lazerz rule)
    • Lobster
    • X-Men
    • Paris Hilton Goes Away
    • MTV turns into Different Strokes Rerun channel
    • The Mets win

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Oral sex gets you through times of no money better than money gets you through the times of no oral sex...

I'm not so sure about that, the Toronto area has a very healthy & diverse escort industry. Very easy to get lots of oral, vaginal, and anal sex if you have the money.

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My favorite things in life....

The feeling taking a piss, god its so good..

Blow jobs are always fun, but I have had some painful ones.

Coffee,,,oh man


Sisters..who does not like sisters?

Replying to RNB's threads and he thinks I am ______ him (fill in the blank)

Buying audio gear...oh love that one

Revenge on ex girlfriends..mostly the type of charming them back to me then ripping their fucking heart out of no where (I am Scorpio)

Setting my ex girlfriends current boyfriends up and having them go to court (did this last week)..I don't do this often but only when I am provoked

Listening to music for 8 hours a day non stop

Buying new music at rolling stones cd store...yea bitch!

Hotdog's in the summer...Chicago hello?

sending moronic customers to aisles that do not exist in the grocery store job (if they ask me where something is)

kick people out of my life for almost nothing (again I am Scorpio)

after I kick them out I make them feel like a ghost...like nothing (read above)

sleeping...I do this alot..it passes the time

Never being happy for long with anything I have, must find new, must reinvent myself

acting like a pirate


running around randomly with my arms spread wide making sounds as if I were a airplane

smiling,,,this is something I can not go with out for longer then 10 minutes

finding people weakness and exploiting the shit out of them (again Scorpio and only when provoked)

having no one understand me, or what I am truly thinking (sometimes I dont like this)

Long drives alone


singing Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra while intoxicated

Walking...only when intoxicated

blaming myself for shit I don't even do yet

helping people I don't know and wont have to get an thank you afterwards

i love buying cloths..but usually don't do this as much as I like

the best thing as in a favorite is.......

every mourning when I take a piss (well after actually) I look in the mirror and flip my lower lip down and see my Tattoo "howdy" and laughing first thing in the mourning every day..so pointless but yet so rewarding..lol

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