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    Stop bitching

    Judging by the most popular threads on this message board most people do want to read Head-Fi / RSA related topics. Personally I don't really see the virtue of spending time on message board which is seemingly dedicated to whining about / commenting on a different message board but as always different strokes or different folks. I check in periodically to see if anything new is happening but it always just seems like more of the same old thing...
  2. nmculbreth

    The new Zana Duex

    Mikey, is the production version of the Zana Duex identical to your Zana Duex? How difficult are the Zana Duex's tubes to source?
  3. nmculbreth

    Cincinnati Meet - Saturday, August 5th

    I don't think I'm going to be able to attend this meet. I'm trying to re-arrange my work schedule to get off on Saturday but as of right now it isn't looking too promising.
  4. I had the exact opposite experience, I found my VTG rather quickly but the JPN took awhile to track down.
  5. Nothing which AT is currently producing has a similar sound signature to the leatherhead. The W10VTG and W11JPN have a similar sound signature but neither have the same technical ability of the L3000. Since both were only released in Japan and were discontinued/sold out a long time ago they're kind of hard to find, if you keep your eyes open on Head-Fi and Rinkya you should be able to eventually come across a VTG, the JPN is much more difficult to track down.
  6. nmculbreth

    APL Dac and Transport

    Great, more gear to lust after.... This is definately outside of my budget for the forseeable future but I'm really curious to see how it sounds. I love my APL DV-563a and Todd's APL SACD 1000 sounds outstanding as well so I would assume the new DAC has the same APL magic.
  7. nmculbreth

    Theres a poll inside awaiting you...

    This thread is incomplete without a picture of Jessica Alba.
  8. nmculbreth

    w5000's tell me what they sound like

    In a nutshell.... natural sounding treble with excellent extension, slightly forward midrange with a little bit of warmth, deep textured bass. The soundstage isn't quite as large as the HD-650 but it's instrument placement is far more precise, it definately doesn't suffer from the three blob effect. The sound signature is on the bright side of neutral but is never harsh or bright. The PRaT is outstanding.
  9. I agree completely. I've owned a number of different AT headphones at one point in time and they all had different sound signatures and aesthetics which made them unique. I'm definately looking forward to what AT has come up with for the 45th anniversary addition.
  10. I don't know but I hope it has the Echizen laquer and sounds like an updated JPN.
  11. nmculbreth

    Best Buy

    Those poor ML speakers, I'm sure they're going to be mated with a boomy sub and driven by some Sony HT receiver...
  12. nmculbreth

    Grado RS-Zero/1i/3/Surround/0/Mushroom/Thingy/Bagels

    I figured that RS-whatever's introduction wouldn't cause a decrease in the price of the rest of the lineup, but I was still curious. It's kind of interesting that the pricepoint(s) of Grado headphones remain is fixed while other companies decrease their prices over time. Regardless this looks interesting since it seems that it addresses my two biggest complaints about the RS-1: the lack of soundstage and the supra-aural design. I'm volunteering Rex to purchase a pair so I can give them a listen.
  13. nmculbreth

    Grado RS-Zero/1i/3/Surround/0/Mushroom/Thingy/Bagels

    Interesting. From what I've read it probably isn't my cup of tea but I'd certainly like to be able to listen to one at some point in time. What is the deal on the new pads, do they make the headpone circumaural or are they superaural like the rest of the Grado lineup? The $1000 pricepoint seems a little high, though I suppose this is pretty relative. Any word on how this will affect the MSRP on the rest of the Grado lineup?
  14. nmculbreth

    What is your favorite salad dressing?

    Red wine vinaigrette.
  15. nmculbreth

    November Elections (US)

    There are many fiscal conservatives weren't happy with Bush winning the nomination in 2000 because of his neo-Con agenda, that said they still voted Republican and most likely will continue to do so. Who else would they vote for? They're certainly not going to vote Democrat so unless they decide to vote Libertarian I don't see this base being a problem for the Republicans. The Congressional Democrats don't have a collective backbone but behind the scenes I think Dean is doing a pretty good job as head of the DNC. Right now the party is doing well with it's fund raising and setting up a grassroots infrastructure, I'll be interested to see how much their effort pays off this fall.
  16. nmculbreth

    November Elections (US)

    Interesting question, the Republicans are still very strong with their core base but they could have a lot of problems with moderates and undecided voters. The key for the Democrats is to get this undecided group motivated to vote, if they're unable to mobilize this group I don't think they'll make the gains they need to in order to take back control of Congress. As an interesting side-note historically the President's approval ratings tend to drop in the second year of his term and often the opposing party ends up picking up more seats in Congress as a result. President Bush did not experience this phenomenon due to his huge spike in popularity following 9/11 but it's safe to say he's feeling the full force this time around. Should make for an interesting midterm.
  17. nmculbreth

    MPX3 Tubes? (for metal)

    I'll agree with the recommendation of using 6BL7s / 5687s for the output, both are more impactful than 6SN7s. For the driver I'd try the EH 6SN7 or if maybe another analytical tube like the Tung-Sol 6SN7GT.
  18. nmculbreth

    7n7 Tubes

    Does anyone here have any experience with 7n7 tubes? I'm mostly interested in finding out who manufactured these tubes and which brands to look for.
  19. nmculbreth

    7n7 Tubes

    Thanks for the response Earl, I figured from your previous description that the Philco branded tubes were actually NU 7n7s but I wanted to make sure. The Sylvanias that I received are all the short bottle version but internally only one of them matches the triangular plate 7n7 tube you gave me. One of the short Sylvanias gray glass as well so I can't really tell what it looks like internally but the third has a plate structure which looks similar to the Sylvania VT-231. I haven't had a chance to do much critical listening but so far it seems the Sylvania with the same internal structure as the VT-231 does sound better then the triangular plate version. At this point though the NU 7n7 is definately the star of the group, it sounds better then the triangular plate Sylvania in pretty much every regard. I'm going to have to spend some more time with the tube but so far it sounds very good. I think I'm going call my guy to see if he has any more of them sitting around.
  20. nmculbreth

    7n7 Tubes

    Earl, is there any chance you could give me a better physical description of the NU 7n7. Among the tubes I recieved are two strange Philco labelled tubes which don't look anything like the Sylvanias. They're taller, gray glass and round plates.
  21. nmculbreth

    7n7 Tubes

    Earl - Thanks for the heads up on cleaning the tips, if any of mine turn up noisy I'll give it a shot.
  22. nmculbreth

    The Stereophile "Most Valuable Advertiser" List

    They're a bunch of shills for their advertisers, I take everything Stereophile says with a huge grain of salt.
  23. nmculbreth

    Religion and Poltics...

    Actually politics free from religion is very interesting. Then again I am a poli sci major.
  24. nmculbreth

    are you still a virgin?

    So I take it you're not one of these guys.
  25. nmculbreth

    7n7 Tubes

    Well I was able to find a seller with some of the tall bottle 7n7s and I placed an order this afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to get atleast a few nice sounding tubes out of the lot.