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  1. I got mine along with an Asgard 2 a couple of days ago as a birthday present to myself. Initial impressions are really positive, makes the Concero HP I've been using sound flat and thin.
  2. I'll second this recommendation, I use these daily for portable and work, they're an absolute steal for the money. I wouldn't touch the RE-400's with a 10 foot pole, I owned a pair, they sound just ok but the real problem is the quality, mine feel apart with a few months.
  3. Happy Birthday Santa Wayne!
  4. That's an interesting idea, anyone you would recommend for the retermination job?
  5. I've been thinking about getting one of the Kimber's but undecided which version to get. Initially I was going to get the shorter 1/8" version but I've been reading about how good they are running balanced out of the Pono. I can't get a Pono here in Canada yet. The other debate is, I don't want to be swapping cables all the time so I wonder how well the Pono in balanced would compare to the Concero HP in single ended. Maybe I should just buy something I can use with my Note 4 for more portable, around the house, usage.
  6. I've had the Z7's since they were released. I bought them mainly because I have recurring problems with TMJ and initial reports said these were quite comfortable. I have to say, I really love the Z7's both for comfort and sound. Paired up with a Concero HP they're one of, if not my favorite full-sized headphone.
  7. Love the shirts! And a Happy Birthday to you sir!
  8. So they charge $1750 for the 3A system but can't include an adapter that couldn't cost more than a few dollars to make? That seems a bit ridiculous. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I'm going to bother, while it's an intriguing idea to see what JH Audio can do if I'm right there, the more I think about my original 13Pro experience the more I back off from the idea of tyring customs again.
  9. I believe I read they have some new device for making impressions, how invasive was it? We're going to Florida for a couple of weeks over Christmas, I'm half tempted to try and go by their offices to see if there's anything that could be done to work around the problems I've had with my left ear. I don't imagine I'll actually do it though, based on my previous experiences I don't think customs will ever work for me so it would likely just end up being a waste of quality vacation/family time.
  10. As far as I've been able to tell any of the accessories that take digital out should still work but they'll require the lightning connector. In the case of the M8 Michael Goodman from CEntrance has stated they should be including the proper cable for iPhone 5 compatibility. I'm not sure if that will happen right away though. I'll be very interested to hear what you guys think of it at RMAF.
  11. I've been following their development blog as well as the thread over at HF, it seems like it has the potential to be a pretty killer portable. They've been very open to answering questions and addressing concerns and suggestions as well. Anyone else intrigued by a portable DAC with balanced amp that has both USB and iDevice connection?
  12. I found most of the early "reviews" on the 4.Ai to be pretty much useless, at best I got a very general idea what they might sound like. The reason I decided to give them a try was because they looked like they met most, if not all, the criteria I had for an upgrade over the Westone 4's. The build quality appears good, they have replacable cables and with Comply's it seems like they might not insert as deep as the Westone 4's with the longer Comply's. I really have no idea how the 4.Ai's sound will stack up in comparion to the Westone 4's though, I half expect I won't like them but at the price it seems like a worthwhile crapshoot.
  13. I ordered a pair of the Heir Audio 4.Ai's which should hopefully be here sometime next week. I really like the Westone 4's with the longer P series Comply tips, their sins would mainly of omission so I find them highly listenable but a clear couple of steps down from the JH13Pro's. Due to my issues with customs I've been searching for a universal that ups the ante compared to the Westone 4 but until I read about the Heir's it seemed like it would be stepping into the $1200 - 1400 range which I'm reluctant to spend on a universal at this point. I'm not sure how the 4.Ai's will stack up against the Westone's but I figured for the $399 asking price it was worth taking a risk. I'll report back once they arrive and I've had a bit of time with them.
  14. Sorry, that was my, obviously poor, attempt at humor.
  15. Can you even call an alcoholic beverage that's only 55 proof moonshine?
  16. Happy Birthday. May you find peace wherever you may be.
  17. Wow, I haven't listened to this in ages. I remember seeing them Call The Office in London, Ont in the early 90's. And that brings back a lot of memories of the great shows I saw there while I lived in London... Thanks for that.
  18. There's the ATH-W3000ANV Limited Edition (2000 units produced). I bought one a few months ago and so far I'm still really liking it, in fact I like it more as time goes on.
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