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NorCal Meet 11/17 Zocalo Coffee House San Leandro 11am-6pm


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Just a heads up there is a meet in NorCal this Saturday 11am-6pm at Zocalo Coffee House in San Leandro.

Here is a link to the place


the address and phone are 645 Bancroft @ Dutton San Leandro, CA 94577


They have large meeting room seperate from the public area. Anyone who attends please bring a power strip with you.



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So, I gave BigGuy the info through stevehoffman.tv but nobody else over there seemed to be on the list for the meet. I will call Neilvg tomorrow and check on Leeav and Min also. Did you ever ping any others JP?

no I was going to do this Sunday but the site crapped out

I have been in touch with Ori via email and I have Dan's email so any help you could provide reaching out to other NorCal guys or sending me the info so I can would be cool

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I was planning on carpooling with michael (girardian) though I hadn't confirmed with him yet. We were going to stop in San Mateo to pick up some Chinese at my favorite chinese restaurant in norcal (Little Sichuan) or hit up the best ramen in the bay area also in San Mateo (Santa Ramen) since it was on the way. Might be able to bring take out chinese to you but we'd have to see how Girardian is with fragrant food in his brand new BMW 625 or whatever it is.

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