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  1. I will post the vid, if I can figure out how... (palm to face)
  2. About 30 mintues ago, I just high fived Paul McCartney. He looked at my George Harrison t-shirt as he walked by and said cool... I've been wanting to meet him since I've been about seven or eight years old. BTW, his hands are girly soft. https://www.facebook.com/mr.russomanno/posts/1325374807478189?notif_t=like&notif_id=1462055330460450
  3. In California about half the time, victims of crime don't get their money (i.e., restitution).
  4. I've heard no mention as to whether or not they had insurance. Every commercial lease I've read has a provision requiring the leasee obtain insurance. If they catch the thieves, they ultimately will be ordered to pay restitution.
  5. Al, your prime rib roast looks insanely good. Mike, I hope John shared a few ribs with you.
  6. Thanks, Al. The light double tap on the home button is helpful.
  7. Jacob, can you use the 6 comfortably with one hand? My biggest assimilation issue with the 6+ is most of the time I need both hands.
  8. i got the iphone 6+ about an hour ago, still not use to the size.
  9. Burning Can in Death Valley Crashing Can Jam Sounds like a fun lost weekend in Los Angeles...
  10. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    My wife and I are very pleased with the picture quality of our new HDTV (Samsung PN64F8500), but the speakers suck donkey balls.
  11. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    It looks like we've settled on the Samsung PN64F8500. Now trying to negotiate price...
  12. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    I am thinking for reasons against it or better alternatives for similar price/features, etc...
  13. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    Should I buy a Samsung UN75H7150?
  14. i've been watching it as well.
  15. I just got a call from the Apple Store, my MB Pro is ready for pick-up.
  16. I've been having a bunch of small issues with my MacBook Pro Retina Display since I bought it back in June of last year. This week it all came to a head when my MB Pro wouldn't recognize my external hard drive and the external Apple DVD player could not eject a surveillance video. Additionally, I was having issues with using Safari and gmail; the fan turning on full force when looking at online photos or videos; bogging while viewing PDF files; extended wait times logging in and powering down; and it having a mind of its own by occasionally going into sleep mode while I was working on a project. The good news, the Apple Genius, identified that the logic board and the external hard drive were both faulty and need to be replaced, so I relinquished the MB Pro to Apple under the verbal agreement that it would be repaired and returned to me within one day and I bought a new external hard drive. Also, the Apple Genius ejected the surveillance DVD from the DVD player and the reason it wasn't working was determined to be due to my MB Pro. I am thinking positive that the MB Pro will work as it should and be in the same cosmetic condition when it is returned tomorrow.
  17. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    I am so out of the HDTV arena, this sounds a bit Greek to me.
  18. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    the HDTV I want is very expensive (or think I want)... Samsung ES9000. And right now, my war chest is for my law firm, new car and house. I've been thinking about that option... In fact, I've already been approached by another attorney that attended the seminar that wants to buy it.
  19. 909

    HDTV Suggestions

    I went to a Criminal Law Seminar on Saturday and won a Vizio 47" HDTV ( http://store.vizio.com/lcd-hdtvs/e471vle.html ). I don't need two HDTVs and already have a Pioneer 5070 ( http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Plasma/PDP-5070HD ), which I bought in 2006 and quite happy with. If I was to replace my HDTV, I would probably get larger screen, like 70+, and something substantially better than I currently have... In any event, should I keep the Vizio and sell the Pioneer? I am leaning towards keeping the Pioneer.
  20. 909

    On Bacon

    bacon scented shaving cream
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