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  1. If it's the might i'm thinking of, congrats dude, that's the best SS headphone amp there is.
  2. I'm wondering if i should look up this deal Grado sr60 / sr80 headphones for ipod zune audiophile mp3 music player, and what i might look for to find out which Grado they are. It's been 3 years since i last heard and SR60, so it's not like i would be able to immediately compare.
  3. best i've heard so far (dynamic) is the tube rectified SDS-XLR. Then the ZD, HD2. I'm not much of a fan of the Maestro/B52/rudi/or WA5, but that's just my opinion. in theory, i'd pick a custom amp like the noise duality or Xana. that being said, K1000 amps are a totally different ball game
  4. cost no object. go find someone with a dynamight and offer him/her what he wants.
  5. "port core audio to windows." means what in english?
  6. Hi, beating a dead horse here... but.... just wondering..... has anyone found a way to make it work for PCs yet?
  7. Berkeley Symphony tonight, played Mozart. It was incredible, amazing experience that brought smiles and joy.... oh, and the music was nice as well.
  8. that review was like the 3rd thing I read on head-fi back when I joined... it is one of the founding documents of the hobby.
  9. the best prices are right around late /November and December... at least for Lenovo.
  10. it might be possible to get more out of selling the HF-1 package separately... just a thought. also, the 580 should be around 160-70
  11. I'm trying out an Arcam cd33 right now, it has the wolfson dac and i'm starting to see why justin chose it for the PICO it's better than VDA-2 on overall level and bass extension. better in it's openness and soundstaging. cymbals and brass instruments have excellent tone and not as shrill sounding as VDA-2. VDA-2 gets a bit more detail and treble extension. overall i'd say they are on the same level but the arcam is a "little" bit better, so it's more like a slide up than a step up. btw: i'm borrowing it from ASR
  12. HElla yea, this concert has been on my schedule for a long time!
  13. um... if it is spreading by skin contact... wouldn't normal people be infected by just shaking hands with infected people? if that's possible, this thing could easily affect the regular population.... and then boom... a new black plague!
  14. As a person who moves round I thought this would be a new... well you know.. revolution. but 5 hours of battery life, non expandable/none replaceable battery.... and that shitty apple keyboard... no thanks. (now back to my thinkpad!)
  15. http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?InvtId=ST936451SS-DT&cm_mmc=googleproducts-_-HardDrives-_-SerialAttachedSCSI(SAS)HDs-_-ST936451SS-DT&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=ST936451SS-DT what you think?
  16. One note is a microsoft program made for taking notes...it's good because it's a very good base from which i could send stuff to all the office programs. i practically use it for everything. the deal with itunes is that all my stuff is in apple lossless, and while I know i could take stuff out of itunes... i do have an ipod and like it's integration with just about everything else in the known universe (of college students). and what about my M-audio audiophile usb... my rig runs off of that thing!... i guess linux worth looking into... the T42 is a centrino 1.7ghz. i have an three external 2.5'' hard drives, one for music, another for back up, and one for storage and back up of the music drive why should i experiment with taking the drive out? as i said before, i'm still very suspicious of the newer laptops. the T61p was 85 seconds on start up, while my T42 is 57 seconds... and vista is a disaster.
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