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What does your recording chain look like?

I have several variations of rigs I use to record live music:

Recorders: Sound Devices Mixpre 10-ii, Zoom F3, DPA d:vice (not really a recorder)
Mics: DPA 4061s, DPA 4015gs, and soon Neumann KK14s with custom (thanks JF) active cable mounts

Editing: logic pro with RX 9 and Ozone 10

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I've got nothing... started investigating a Zoom iQ6 stereo microphone for the phone and the Rode VideoMicro II for a nonexistent camera.

Purely for hobby recording. Compact, low-cost, maybe reasonable quality?

Doing research on vintage cassette Walkmans and MiniDisc recorders revived my curiosity in field recording.

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Probably live music and other random stuff. The budget is super low, which is why I've started at around $200 or so.

I already have GarageBand and Adobe Audition, so I should learn to use them.

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