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What does your recording chain look like?

I have several variations of rigs I use to record live music:

Recorders: Sound Devices Mixpre 10-ii, Zoom F3, DPA d:vice (not really a recorder)
Mics: DPA 4061s, DPA 4015gs, and soon Neumann KK14s with custom (thanks JF) active cable mounts

Editing: logic pro with RX 9 and Ozone 10

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I've got nothing... started investigating a Zoom iQ6 stereo microphone for the phone and the Rode VideoMicro II for a nonexistent camera.

Purely for hobby recording. Compact, low-cost, maybe reasonable quality?

Doing research on vintage cassette Walkmans and MiniDisc recorders revived my curiosity in field recording.

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So pretty and I'm sure well-made given it's TE. But I'm not convinced of its utility. They have a matching microphone (CM-15) and mixer (TX-6) as well, which I feel similarly about. Then again, everything they have ever made has been really neat but very expensive niche products... Kind of the Leica of the field recording (and electronic music production with the OP-1) world. Or maybe more like vintage Braun, given the obvious Dieter Rams influences. Paying 80% for a design and experience and 20% for a product.

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on the left, lectrosonics spdr 2 channel 96/24 digital recorder (or 48/24 with a fail safe recording 20db quieter)

on the right sound devices 552 mixer/backup recorder and zoom f6 recorder. 5 channels of transformer mic mixer into 6 channel 192/32 recorder



both setups cost me almost exactly the same

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