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  1. I find that compression is a bigger factor in quality to me than resolution - I'd rather watch a 1080p Blu-Ray than a 4k Netflix stream any day. UHD Blu-Rays though... oh man. Planet Earth II in UHD does... things to me.
  2. Making me feel wholly inadequate with my two year old 55EF9500. Congrats, what a set.
  3. I felt bad about my tests today, but then, putting it in perspective, my life is as good as one can hope for. Wishing everyone the absolute best.
  4. I definitely agree, it's probably actually my favorite post-rock album. I still enjoy Mogwai and other post-rock bands, but there's just such a special feeling with F# A#. I feel like it transcends the genre, and despite whatever the artists themselves may think, it gets close to the level of classical music when it comes to music as art.
  5. Beirut: The Rip Tide (Folk-rock, Dream pop, folk-rock) Godspeed You! Black Emperor: F# A# Infinity (Post-rock, modern art music) Purity Ring - Shrines (Electronic, Indie, Electro-pop) Tanlines - Mixed Emotions (Indie pop, Electronic) Recommend all of them. Might as well give them a listen. If you like the genres they fall under they're really great. If not, well, how can giving them a listen hurt?
  6. I posted these pictures of my Stowa on the other site so I might as well post them here. I promise it doesn't look scratched in real life. This particular camera/lens combination with flash likes to exaggerate flaws.
  7. First planar desktop speakers in a while since Monsoons were all the rage. I like the idea of the set, but I won't be sold until I get a chance to hear them. The "bass panel" (*cough* subwoofer) leaves me curious but skeptical. Planar speakers don't necessarily retain good bass with downscaling... Also, their website notes that Steve Guttenberg said it's the best desktop speaker money can buy. Which means it undoubtedly isn't.
  8. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois. Stevens' talent for composition, musicality, and tone-painting really shines in this album. One of the few popular indie acts I know of with such sophisticated songwriting.
  9. Beach House - Teen Dream Damien Jurado - Maraqopa Elliott Smith - Either/Or
  10. The Rambles were great. Levon Helm was an icon in our area (I lived perhaps 15 minutes from his home) and his loss was certainly felt strongly here.
  11. This week's heavy rotation: The Shins - Port of Morrow Hol Baumann - [human] The Chromatics - Kill for Love The xx - xx Right now though, it's Elliott Smith - XO
  12. I am INTJ as well. Amazing that it's one of the rarest personality types and yet there a huge percentage of all of my niche hobbies.
  13. With a new apartment comes new internet speeds. Not too shabby, but a far cry from my old university internet.
  14. If it is a rebadged HF2, it's already there.
  15. PN43D450. I had the option of getting a 1080p LCD or a 720p plasma - I chose the plasma, and don't regret it.
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