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JBL Link Bar?


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For reasons nobody can explain, we have had a box in our garage in San Francisco since 2019 that contains a JBL Link Bar and subwoofer. Either one of Alden's friends or somebody we know left it here and then denied knowledge of it when we investigated. In any event, I finally opened it and then checked it out a little online. It is a sound bar based on Android TV that can turn a dumb TV into a smart one, plus it has Google Assistant built in somehow, and it is a stand-alone smart speaker for streaming music.

Has anyone here ever used or owned one? I don't have a use for it but I might offer it a niece or nephew if it is a decent product. It seems from reviews that it is a bit too complicated to be useful for the tech-averse, but I have not tried using it myself so I am curious if anyone has experience or info about it. Thanks

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I've helped set up a sound bar with Google Assistant (can't recall if Samsung or LG) for elderly friends, who eventually disabled google assistant, because it would perform unprompted commands from time to time. A ghost in the machine perhaps? But voice control of volume and content plus ability to tell you the time and jokes, why not?

Unless you're paranoid about having an always on network connected microphone in your living space. But there's nothing to worry about, citizen.

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