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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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The Bambino is a good machine, but it’s not in this same class as the other ones. It’s better than my Breville, and will make very good coffee, though.

I like Acaia scales. You’ll definitely want scales. The Lunar is probably the best bet if you buy just one (I have a Pearl, Pyxis, and the Lunar).

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2 hours ago, EdipisReks1 said:

Sam, if you use the Pearl (it’s a great scale) with an espresso machine, make sure the machine you choose has a large enough drip tray and enough clearance below the portafilter.

that’s why it’s unopened. i got a lunar immediately after ordering. 

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14 hours ago, HemiSam said:

It does look pretty damn cool.  

What all am I going to need besides the machine, Jacob?  Scale(s), etc...  I've got a good grinder...LOL

I think for the most part, you don't need a scale but they can't hurt.  I've been making perfectly acceptable espresso for years now without one.  For me it's a matter of the fact that I don't want my process to become so arduous that I don't want to go through it.  Am I sacrificing something as a result? Almost without question.  But is it enough to worry about? Not for me.  I can always add more steps to the process if I start to become unsatisfied with the results.

14 hours ago, HemiSam said:

The Breville Bambino Plus has a small footprint...  Half the weight.


I've expressed enough of my love of this machine that I won't belabor the point here again. My thoughts for you are wether or not you think whatever machine you buy will be a gateway or an endpoint?  If you think this is step one on a slippery slope I'd recommend the Bambino for it's low cost of entry, ease of operation/usability, and predictability of results.  As most hobbies teach, you can always upgrade later. If you buy something 3-5x as expensive and end up not enjoying the process or results you've sunk a significant chunk of change into an appliance that doesn't have much resale value. 

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for me a scale means I can think less about the process before I've had coffee.  I know I need 15g of beans in and 38g of espresso out to get a cup I enjoy.  My espresso machine actually talks to the scale, so it shuts off automatically, but even just having a number to look at to hit stop works for me as well.  

It's really easy to make better espresso than a typical coffee shop, you just have to care a little about your results.  Your goal isn't 50 cups an hour, it's 1-3 a day, so a process that takes twice as long isn't going to even be noticeable.

That was one thing I learned when I set up my espresso machine at that convention this summer.  I dumbed things down to weigh beans, grind into portafilter, quick tamp, and start espresso, and taught a few people how to do it, and everyone was saying how much better it was than any coffee shop coffee. 

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I just pulled a shot with my 10 year old Breville that none of my local shops could have pulled. Like Dan said, different priorities: I pull one shot a day, typically. I know my machine inside and out, and I think I have the grinder dialed in for this bean. I used the Lunar. You don’t have to have a fancy scale like this (I barely use the smart features; maybe someday), but I do think a scale is important for consistent shots. 

To me, the first step isn’t so much in the equipment, it’s making a whole bunch of bad espresso. Then after you figure out how to make bad espresso, do the opposite. :)

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$4k is definitely an investment.  Sadly, the comment about inflation is spot on...craziness.  

If I were into the art like I am say into automobiles, then all day long.  Few pleasures in this life is how I see it.  At this point, though, I need to ease into the water a bit and size is a real consideration.  I'm trying to be practical but I'm not very good at it...

Really appreciate all the comments!  Also, please forgive me for not going back through this thread to see everyone's thoughts on varying machines.  It is where I should have started.  Been toying here between family commitments.  

Bent on buying a machine...


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