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HELP!: Trying to stick the thing in the other thing

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so i am trying to build my computer but I cant get the one thing to fit in the other thing like people are telling me. I got the one thing to sit nicely in the other thing after I stuck the one thing on it and jiggled it a bit. but I cant get this thing to fit in the other thing for the life of me.

PLEASE HELP MIKEY!!! What do I do? I tired your 900 number but I got some scary sounding woman who was talking about other noncomputer things.

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No no no no no no , you're doing it all wrong.

you're not going to tell him the right way?

I think the problem is he has thisnthat ver. 1.0 but the thingamabob he's trying to use it with is only compatible with thisnthat ver. 5.35 or higher. but who knows, thingamajiggies are hard stuff to understand.

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well the Geek squad just spent the past thingamajiggy hours here looking at my whatsit... they said my whosit was what was causing the whatsit to not function properly. They said something about extended service plan for $23,434.33 dollars and that my thingy will be covered from the whatsit for who knows how long. sounded like a good deal to me.

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