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  1. Wishing an irresponsible scammer fuck happy birthday. Brilliant. Glad to see that head-case tolerates this sort of thing
  2. Vertigo


    Don't worry bbq, I already hated you before you posted this thread.
  3. They're silly lesbians. What do you expect? Guilty pleasures.... hmmm I dunno. I don't worry about it
  4. ASIO = why not use KS WMA = ..... people actually use WMA? TTA = FLAC FTW?
  5. Vertigo

    Foobar 0.9

    I've yet to install it as the current version is working fine for me. Hell, I'm too lazy to make a nice UI, I keep saying i'm going to but it never happens....
  6. Whats a bigger psychological disorder? Living with someone who has incompatable parts or believing in the boogey man? - M1ster_R0gers [me=Vertigo]dons flamesuit[/me]
  7. shens @ the results where's the posts from the no's, huh
  8. pop-rocks + mountain dew
  9. Heh, even here at work for me
  10. Bad Religion - Into the unknown They did a psych/prog album that all of their punk fans hated. It's not wonderful, but it's worth a listen
  11. Rawr. What about those of us whishy-washy bastards that don't actaully care? tubgirl
  12. The problem is that since vBull forums are database backed, archive.org isn't actaully going to be grabbing the contents of posts. It will get showthread.php, not the actual post
  13. Temporary (shitty-ass looking) stats at http://vertigoacid.com/ircstats/, loggy is our stats bot now. just trying a few things out, I like loggy but I hope that pisg or something nice looking will be able to render the stats
  14. Vertigo

    Paypal Fees

    Well, do most places (gas stations and fast food joints notwithstanding) charge more if you use credit vs cash?
  15. Vertigo

    Paypal Fees

    Seems a bit more common in the audio world than elsewhere in the trading universe. I'm against it because if paypal catches you (read: if you get reported) they'll warn you, then shutdown your account, as it's against the Paypal terms of service to charge extra to accept it. Discuss
  16. http://www.cookingforengineers.com/article_2004.php?id=133 PS Hotlinking images bad \
  17. Well, considering Beeble is in, it's not saying much
  18. Vertigo

    APC S15

    Spec wise it seems to just be a slightly redesigned Line Interactive UPS. Recased/badged APC SmartUPS anyone? Marketing FTW
  19. I use an APC SmartUPS 1400 for power condition, and, while I haven't ABX'ed it yet, I do notice stonger bass on my shitty speakers now that I threw my receiver on it
  20. Speaking of which, did he OD again?
  21. It is my understanding that only administrators, and not moderators, are able to read PMs. Or, as was mentioned, anyone with SQL database access
  22. I have a dedicated server that I'd be more than happy to use for the cause
  23. Yeah, but that's not the point. It's the priniciple of the matter
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