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  1. holy hell oregon is running all over USC
  2. Just sent out my impressions...now I just have to wait
  3. i've been a safari guy since day 1, but i'll take a look at chrome. i really don't like firefox for mac.
  4. Fuck I can't wait to get mine.
  5. Nice, I'm assuming that the fit is good?
  6. Pictures Haj! I still need to get my damn impression done!!!! ARG!
  7. I haven't heard anything else from Headamp, but I can only imagine that the headphones off of a GS-1 sound even better. I'm sure the pico dac makes the GLite combo sound just that much more smoother.
  8. HD650 with Gilmore Lite was one of my favorite rigs. Glad to hear you like the HD600 with the GLite.
  9. well i ordered my jh13's yesterday and was supposed to get my impressions done today but i'm sick, so i had to reschedule with the audiologist to next week. more waiting for me i guess.
  10. i haven't gone to the record store in a while, i should go sometime soon
  11. there was a discussion about this already in the iPod Touch/iPhone topic
  12. how'd the impressions go haj? the office told me to make sure and clean my ears out before i get there...guess i'll use some hydrogen peroxide or something.
  13. I decided against the artwork, I don't want to fork out another $50 for custom art
  14. well shit, i set up my appointment for my impressions, looks like i'm diving in
  15. yeah, etys aren't so good for that. plus you got some fantastic thiels when you aren't laying in bed.
  16. Yeah, but I'm rarely home as is. I'm usually always at a cafe or at the library and whenever I'm doing rotations now and have some down time I like to pop in my etys.
  17. have to agree with you here. i rarely, if ever, use regular headphones at home.
  18. thanks guys. i have to order the damn things first. i was totally fine with getting the JH5s but noooooooo, had to read that review.
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