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  1. Anyone know if it's possible to get them to put a straight jack on the wire or do they already have those thing mass produced? I hate right angle jacks and don't know how to solder.
  2. fuck...now i got to figure out a way to pay for JH13s
  3. ojnihs


    Winters growing up in Minnesota were easily worse than any winter I experienced while I was in college in Chicago.
  4. Have to say I'm really hankering for a pair of JH5's right now but I don't know if I want to go through with all the hassle that seems to come with customs.
  5. speed wise from an operating system point of view, definitely an upgrade.
  6. upgraded from my original iPhone to a 3GS today
  7. You have AppleCare for it? If not, I'd just take that sucker apart and have a look inside to see if anything got popped loose after the fall. And yeah, you can buy replacement screens for iPods.
  8. Northwestern University: Famous for losing to absolute shit teams.
  9. I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the first episode of this season
  10. I didn't have much confidence in USC's quarterbacks this year. The OSU game showed me that USC wasn't as strong as I thought they would be this year, because I expected a USC rout of OSU last week. Well, fuck, I think we're going to lose to fucking Greg Paulus and Syracuse.
  11. Yeah, you got a point there.
  12. Trust me, I went to Northwestern. We're losing to fucking Syracuse right now. Big fucking surprise there though. It's one football game man. Relax.
  13. First thing I checked was what made number 1. After seeing Winehouse as number 1, I stopped reading.
  14. ah that would work. yes, i can see that
  15. maybe a combination of grey and red?
  16. Great win for Michigan today. As much as it pains me to say this being a Northwestern fan... GO BUCKEYES!
  17. pictures now or i'm going to lose it!
  18. well i refuse to read the whole article, but i'm assuming what it boils down to is, don't use usb for audio?
  19. That's weird, every time I've connected my iPod to someone else's computer to charge it, iTunes always asks, "Do you want to delete this iPod?"
  20. i'm sorry to say this Nate, but I'm pretty sure that you can only authorize your iPod/iPhone to one computer at a time. If you want to go through the trouble, I know you can hack the XML library file and get it to work that way.
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