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  1. I got translucent black. I'll take some pictures later if I can get a hold of a camera. Any news on your second pair Haj?
  2. Just got my JH13s... Happy to say that they fit great
  3. I like B&W speakers, but I'm not a fan of the way those headphones look
  4. Same, I'll be getting the game, but I won't be playing it much at all, maybe an hour every few days if I get the chance. What other games you waiting on playing Haj?
  5. My Wildcats upset the Hawkeyes. Was hoping for that all week riding up to Saturday. Really scary moment for Jahvid Best. When I saw the abnormal posturing of his arms I thought that was it for his career. Luckily it sounds like he's just got a concussion and nothing more severe like a spinal cord injury. All the best to him.
  6. I'll be getting it on PS3
  7. it was crucial in allowing me to follow the yankees during the postseason when I wasn't near a tv or computer. in terms of other apps, i also use the remote app a ton and the new york times, wall street journal, and NPR news app.
  8. That's what she said... Anyway, I have small hands and if I didn't like my MX Revolution so much I'd probably take a look at this one.
  9. MLB at bat was definitely one of my top apps, but we won't be using that for a while now.
  10. Damn you Peter, damn you! I do agree that it is nice that I only have to wait till Monday, but damn, I want them.
  11. fuck, nm, read that wrong forget i said anything!
  12. looks great. you're making me want mine even more
  13. Damnit...they'll be here on Monday, was hoping I'd have them by the weekend
  14. They got my impressions on Friday, I got the "in lab" email yesterday, and the shipped email today. Doesn't take that long really, I'm hoping I'll get them this week, but I doubt it. I didn't get a tracking number or anything, so maybe I'll email them for that tomorrow.
  15. Sweet, my JH13's were shipped out today. Looking forward to getting them.
  16. yeah, but if you glance at it quickly, it definitely says something else
  17. haha, first thing i thought of when i saw that picture too
  18. i honestly wasn't expecting this when i clicked on the thread link
  19. Damn that fucking sucks. What did they say was wrong with the impression?
  20. baseball, baseball, baseball
  21. Oregon was fucking impressive today. I'm still amazed at just how dominant their offense was today.
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