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  1. 1: "hey, what's up?" 2: "nothing" 1: "where is everyone?" 2: "probably out doing stuff" 1: "why aren't you out doing stuff?" 2: "i don't know" 1: "..."
  2. as much as I want the Big 10 to get back to its days of glamour, Ohio State is going to get rocked by USC this weekend. Go Northwestern Wildcats!
  3. this thread is so depressing it makes me want to kill myself
  4. welcome and thanks, going to have to check them out
  5. ojnihs

    Beyer T1

    meh, all the beyers i've tried had made me want to pull my ears out of my skull, so no go here
  6. snap, i'm totally in for one of these
  7. easiest way to do it would be to just plug the cables straight into your head
  8. If that's the case, I'd totally be up for one of these.
  9. ojnihs


    damn, i kinda like the big avatars
  10. JB got them a little while back and said somewhere in here that the bass on the JH5 filled in what he was missing with his er6
  11. Snow Leopard. Got back a whopping 22 gbs after install.
  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one.
  13. hey, welcome to head-case. be sure to read around for a while to get a feel for how this place works. it's definitely not head-fi
  14. i've been extremely pleased with safari 4 since it was released. i honestly haven't liked any of the firefox releases on mac.
  15. oops, i fucked up. i have the neo.
  16. I have one of those extenders too, came with my Rebel for my iPod Touch. I hate having to use it, but the plug on my etys don't work with out it.
  17. son of a bitch...i have to stop reading this thread
  18. well the only thing i can see as being advantageous about this is the screen, and the screen alone isn't enough for me to be interested in it.
  19. HT Bypass on that sucker makes it very intriguing
  20. still think there's going to be another war in the homeland
  21. well i'll be in san francisco this weekend but won't be able to make this meet. visiting a friend of mine in the hospital who's been very sick for the past couple weeks.
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