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  1. Al the Builder ... I can see it now. Cartoon series, merch, and a tour. Well done, brother and may the GWOM stop all future floods. Mike ... that thing is gonna collapse without a d__b in the foundation. What were you thinking.
  2. Belated Happy Happy, Haj! Hope it was great.
  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It warms this old ticker to count you all as friends. Haven't checked in much lately, but that doesn't mean you lot aren't being remembered or cared about. On the road at present. Spent Thanksgiving week in PA (Poconos) with two daughters and grandkids, and presently in Ridgewood, NJ with one of them. Home to Sarasota tomorrow. Did the fall migration of friend's sailboat from Annapolis to Miami, and that was a blast. Thanks again for the well wises, especially the clever pics, gifs, and jibes. Love you all.
  4. We already demolished ribs, tri tip, salmon, and corn. Too famished for pics, but here is brisket just out of the smoker to rest. Anxiously counting the minutes.
  5. Getting close. Countdown timer down to 63 minutes. Ribs on left, brisket in far right rear, and tri tip in front right. Salmon will go on in 10 minutes. New arrivals. Now the gang is complete.
  6. Raffy rubbing Mike's brisket for this afternoon's feast.
  7. Happy Birthday, Marc. May it be great.
  8. Eating and drinking like a lord, eh Stretch? Bon Apetit!
  9. Very late, but very sincere Happy Birthday, Dusty! Hope it was great.
  10. Bad, bad, bad all around, Bryan. So glad you and Alison are fine, which is most important.
  11. Happy Birthday, Vicki. You are ageless to us, and we love you, girl.
  12. Got this garden fresh salsa from the DOTU a while back, and had when fresh .... Quite amazing, and many thanks, Al.
  13. Late to this party, but definitely want to pile on the Happy Birthday wishes for Stretch. Glad you had a great day.
  14. That is stupid fast! Glad you are still among the living. Well done!
  15. Nate ...one of my favorite places on this earth, but, unlike you, I drive, or in the distant past, hike there. Congrats on the summit, and, I know by now, a safe descent. Cheers, brother ...
  16. Fax is set to perma ON! Looks delicious, buddy. Definitely want. so put some aside for next we meet.
  17. ^^^ New forum quoting sux. Dan did not say the above ... I fucking said it. Have a great vaca, Ric and fam.
  18. But both are quite tasty, though. Brunswick stew, where the meat is whatever the menfolk catch that day, including roadkill, ftw! My fave is rabbit, but Shelly's 'coons would do nicely.
  19. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Very long time, no see, but trust all good. Cheers, and have a great year ahead.
  20. Very nice, CJ. Did she kick your sorry ass after that shoot for breaking into the gym?
  21. Only if you are a girly girl. Sorry Shelly, but that was just too easy. Al and Mike Sr, thanks for the Machine era credits, but, yes, in this case, Al is correct, and I join him in being a bit concerned about Mike's brain cell diminishment. Can those things be regenerated? I hope so, as I have dropped a few over the years. Shellfish? Sushi? Shark fin? Answer please, because Mike and I have memories too valuable to lose.
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