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    music lover who enjoys mixing, mastering and remastering.
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    So. Cal.
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    UE-10 Grado PS-1000 (PS-1 Housing with HP-2 drivers) Grado HP-2 Grado RS-1 Grado HF-1 Senn HD-

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  1. Thanks! Spending it alone...but peacefully and happy.
  2. No dude...you're wrong! Tyll...try turning the amp off first. Make sure it stays off. Works best that way.
  3. Happy belated birthday Dan!!! Hope you have many more!!!
  4. Happy belated birthday buddy! Hope you had a good one!!!!
  5. Pretty Lemon Brown here.
  6. Wow...in the first minute you can see how much of an ass he is. This is one of the main reasons I have never followed his show and his music. Total asshole IMHO. ;-)
  7. LFF

    Happy Birthday LFF!

    Feels like the new 60!
  8. LFF

    Happy Birthday LFF!

    Yes....indeed...I am "only" 30.....
  9. LFF

    Happy Birthday LFF!

    Awww...thanks guys! So nice of you. My birthday sucked and I have yet to experience anything dirty while I am 30 (three days in...).....but here's hoping! Regardless....thanks so much for all the messages my friends!
  10. It's an illusion. In the 13 person set-up, each figure has contributions to legs, body, or head from only one of the display parts, leaving the remaining parts available to produce an extra character.
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