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  1. Thanks! Spending it alone...but peacefully and happy.
  2. No dude...you're wrong! Tyll...try turning the amp off first. Make sure it stays off. Works best that way.
  3. Happy belated birthday Dan!!! Hope you have many more!!!
  4. Happy belated birthday buddy! Hope you had a good one!!!!
  5. Pretty Lemon Brown here.
  6. Wow...in the first minute you can see how much of an ass he is. This is one of the main reasons I have never followed his show and his music. Total asshole IMHO. ;-)
  7. LFF

    Happy Birthday LFF!

    Feels like the new 60!
  8. LFF

    Happy Birthday LFF!

    Yes....indeed...I am "only" 30.....
  9. LFF

    Happy Birthday LFF!

    Awww...thanks guys! So nice of you. My birthday sucked and I have yet to experience anything dirty while I am 30 (three days in...).....but here's hoping! Regardless....thanks so much for all the messages my friends!
  10. It's an illusion. In the 13 person set-up, each figure has contributions to legs, body, or head from only one of the display parts, leaving the remaining parts available to produce an extra character.
  11. Not true..... That said, what I do when I don't like something is simply not write anything about it as a review but I will post about in threads unless the manufacturer expects a review be it good or bad. Some of the stuff I have written about wasn't even sent to me by the manufacturers and I still get accused of being a shill. As for Skylab - it says a lot when you love Darth Beyers.
  12. Heard the LCD-3 as well and spent some decent time with it and with some of the best music I know. It was merely "meh". Like Purrin said, it is what the LCD-2 should have been. I always thought the LCD-2 would be a bargain at $500. I feel the LCD-3 would be a bargain at $800. If the LCD-3 was priced at $1000, I would consider that "pushing it"..let alone anything above $1,200.00. As for soundstage - based off my listening...same as the LCD-2 which is to say..."meh"... I did like it, don't get me wrong...it's a nice headphone but it's nothing special, especially for the price.
  13. My favorite album of the year thus far. They went through a lot of trouble to get the sound "right" but screwed it up in the mastering. That said, it remasters beautifully!
  14. I guess we have to agree to disagree.
  15. That's a bit contradictory. If the Stax 009 is neutral and it doesn't present you bass and/or low bass, then it is certainly not on the recording. I have verified this myself on the 009's. I found them to be extremely accurate and to quote you - "the closest thing to the definition of neutral that I can think of". The amount of texture and detail across the frequency range on the 009's is superb and unmatched by any other headphone I have heard. If the LCD-2 or LCD-3 is spewing out low bass and/or bass on a recording when it wasn't present on the 009's, then something is being misrepresented with one of the 'phones and so far, in my experience with the LCD-2 and the 009, it hasn't been the 009's. I'm not saying it's a bad thing that certain cans have a fun, colored sound...it's not and there is a place for both, but for my money, and based on experience, neutrality is something much more difficult to obtain. That is one of my first tests as well. I use two different recordings for this and I found the LCD-2 to not sound lifelike at all. The SR-009 sounds spot on to me - even with direction which is hard to reproduce, IMHO, with the timpani. I don't want to see the world through rose colored glasses - I want full technicolor!
  16. Happy birthday dude! Hope you have a good one at RMAF!
  17. Thanks for that impression. To me, the SR-009 is absolutely neutral. If the 009 doesn't covey bass, that means there is no bass to convey in the recording. It can reproduce very low bass IF the recording contains it. That's what I would pay more $$$ for - neutrality. To me, neutrality is more difficult to achieve than coloration. If I want musical or moar bass, I have the FA-011, which isn't expensive either. To me, and this is just me....this is like paying money for this, instead of paying money for this. I'm sure both can tell time but one does it more accurately than the other. Wait...that was a bad example on this forum....it's like the LCD-2 is this but the SR-009 is this. Just my 2 cents though.
  18. Happy birthday! Glad to hear it was well spent!
  19. Same here. Free form is an acquired taste I guess. I've never been able to get it.
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