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  1. Thanks Dan for relaying this to me. And thank you all for the birthday wishes.
  2. Nevermind, file is too large.
  3. I think you got the wrong order form.
  4. Debussy, Claire de Lune
  5. FWIW, I'm incredibly happy with my JH5pro. I can't even imagine how the 13's can be better, so I'm going to play ostrich and bury my head in the sand. As far as I am concerned, the 13's don't exist
  6. Don't know. Until I break them?
  7. Sell sell sell. I didn't have to put $1 from my pocket into these.
  8. I haven't spent much time yet, but initially I am very happy, especially with the bass response. That was the major gain I wanted, when compared to the er6i. For $400, I'm pretty pleased. I may elaborate more when I am more familiar with them.
  9. The right fits perfectly. The left seems to go a bit too deep, but I'm going to give a bit of time for me to adjust. Wearing it normally, its fine. However, the slightest pressure causes a bit of pain. I'm not sure if its hitting the eardrum, but its damn close. Funny, I was worried about the right ear hitting the eardrum, because that is the thick one.
  10. I went out to dinner for a friend's birthday, then a local bar. Played 'Hoop Fever' doubles by stealing the balls from the other machine. Drank DFH 60 all night, with a few shots of the birthday tradition Yager. Got home at 3 this morning, was up with a nice headache at 6:30. I can't sleep in anymore.
  11. So a never-before heard universal IEM at a $400 price point is supposed to knock out the $1400 custom king-of-the-hill?
  12. Thanks a lot, Todd. The mobile theme works great on my BB.
  13. I'm a bit larger than average, she is pretty short. 6'3" and 4'10" It's my own damn fault on the wheel. I really couldn't afford a front stand, and was not willing to hang the bike from the rafters to take the wheel off. As Hop so eloquently put it "I gave them the money to deal with it". This is just my motivation to buy the damn front stand I should have purchased with the rear. I'll have to wait until I get paychecks again, which does me no good right now anyway.
  14. That will be part of the problem, I didn't catch it until I got home. It's very likely that I'm fucked. Sweet job on those cabinets. I'd totally be all over taller counters, but the wife-to-be is 1'5" shorter than I am.
  15. Picked up my bike after work. Discovered they damaged my fucking wheel, so I'll be back again tomorrow.
  16. Is she single? Seems like she's a keeper
  17. Throwing up sucks. Unless you are blitzed: then it doesn't really matter.
  18. I haven't tries this pad mod, but my (old) ES7 with ESW9 pads sure tamed the bass.
  19. All the work I do is remote. Most stuff is done via command line, but physical layouts are done in GUI just fine remotely.
  20. They must be going nuts down there. I got an email at 5am saying they are processing my impressions.
  21. With my father as the mechanic, things don't get replaced until the car no longer works. Until then it works just fine. My starter has been on its last leg for years now. A few times I had to pop the clutch to get it to start, but since its 99% reliable, the old one remains. I think its kinda like the auto equivalent of Ramen.
  22. Eh, its ok. I have new headphones coming!
  23. I just got my impressions made, and I'm waiting on the order form from Brittany. I'll only be getting the 5's though. The audiologist was very concerned at my right eardrum. I tore it in an accident about 6 years ago, and now its so full of scar tissue, he's afraid I'm going to have hearing loss. I just made an appointment with my PCP, so I can get a referral to the ENT. So, of course, now I'm all worried about it. Add that to the 4 figure amount I was just ripped off for, and I'm not having a very good week. Motorcycle parts
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