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  1. Gearbox is pretty legit, so I have no doubts it's coming out. I'm just wondering if we'll have rechargeable shields and driving akin to Halo again like in Borderlands.
  2. Thanks for sharing those pics. I was particularly hypnotized by orange color part around the toucan's eyes for some odd reason.
  3. Good to hear that he's doing well now! It's great that you're doing something like this. I personally do not know anyone who has cancer, but I can't imagine if me or someone close to me had it. Working at a hospital, you see and hear about a lot of stuff that goes through. But anyway, count me in!
  4. Just being sarcastic about the speed thing. I've unfortunately had those problems as well, which deters me from keeping it on my PC. They really should fix some of the major bugs first.
  5. Google: Chrome will be 60 times faster | Browsers - InfoWorld Maybe now my graphics card won't be so lazy when I'm not gaming.
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3677[/ATTACH] Does anyone know where I can get replacement parts for the circled part? The hard thin top part of the O2? The ones on my O2s are wearing out really fast for some odd reason.
  7. Were you sitting in the garden seats?
  8. What games or test demos did you try out? From Microsoft's press conference, that dance game looked like the best one so far.
  9. Blacks and whites aren't too bad... but that's some fugly green.
  10. If I go alone again, I'll definitely hit you up. Going to see John Williams who will be conducting the LA Philharmonic this Friday/Saturday with a group of close friends. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I can't wait. I will most likely NOT bring my lightsaber, though (it was a gift).
  11. Canon Powershot S95 10MP Compact Digital Camera w/ 720p HD Video | BuyDig.com Coming out on Sept. 4th?
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