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  1. Reporting for duty. Picking up on milkpowder's recent thread (http://www.head-case.org/drink/got_wasted-t2796.0.html). Saw a bunch of good friends last night. A great time. Went out to dinner, then on to a nice bar for a nightcap(s). There was wine, champagne. The martini to start the night was probably a bad idea. I'm a lightweight these days, so there is much pain this morning. And my 19 month old--while precious--does not understand "daddy has a headache." Let the rehydration begin...
  2. Yeah, I've read that and heard it somewhat under meet conditions. I enjoyed the RS-2, but listened a while ago, so another audition is necessary as suggested. Still interested in opinions, though.
  3. Every meet I attend, I ooh and ahh about the Orpheus for a bit, but then I sit down with the Stax stuff and I realize that's what I really want.
  4. I like my HF-1. Running balanced has given them some additional smoothness and horizontal extension. But I'm not in love with them. What do you folks think about the move to the RS-2 or RS-1? Would you consider those a significant step up?
  5. There are several, but this one seems to get decent reviews: http://www.beermonthclub.com.
  6. Give us some examples of his metadouchebagery.
  7. Nate, have you tried the Sonos product? It looks like it has a "better" interface, but at a much higher price point. I haven't had a chance to try it.
  8. I like the SB3 in principle and in sound. But I don't love the executiom. Specifically, I'm not a big fan of the interface on the SB3 end. I wish there weren't so many steps to go through/submenus/etc.
  9. I have not found them to be harsh. Thin, perhaps. Unresolving up top. All my listening has been under meet conditions, however, so this could be a factor in our different takes.
  10. I bought a X-Can v3. I still don't know why.
  11. I also disagree with Zanth's take on the GS1K. I feel like the GS1K is a "defensive" response from Grado. The GS1K, to me, seems to be a response to critics of the Grado house sound rather than a refinement and extension of it. I find the highs to be soft and unengaging (maybe due to Meet conditions, though). I don't know; the GS1K seems to lack cohesion. Does anyone know what I'm trying (maybe unsuccessfully) to say?
  12. I recall Stereophile raving about the Onkyo, but can you find it for $350? I agree with Nate, if you up that budget to $500, you can get something like the Outlaw or a new NAD C-325BEE. I'm a big fan of the NAD (haven't heard the Outlaw). I'd be curious how the Onkyo sounds, though.
  13. Still one of my favorites.
  14. I'm out of order? This whole thread's out of order!
  15. Sounds like you guys could use some sound legal advice. I have been thinking for some time that there is a niche to be filled by Voltron, Tyrion & The Monkey LLP.
  16. Can anyone recommend a good beer of the month club?
  17. What happened in that one?
  18. x2, and a good incentive to consume the wine relatively quickly.
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