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  1. What happened in that one?
  2. x2, and a good incentive to consume the wine relatively quickly.
  3. The Monkey

    Canned Jam 08

    I plan to be there. Need to make my reservations...
  4. Ah, I will second that one. Have always been a fan.
  5. This, of course, is correct. As such, my cables are now all covered in genuine Corinthian leather.
  6. The Wiggles. Again. And again...
  7. I think I may wait on the NAS device. I guess my ideal setup now is a 1TB external drive so I can backup using Time Machine and also expand my lossless storage. But I guess I'd also want to backup the external drive, so I would probably need to go with a second 1TB drive in a RAID 1 configuration? Is this easy to build myself?
  8. Are there any currently available PCDPs with optical outs? If not any NOS recommendations?
  9. What do you guys think about Network Accessible Storage devices?
  10. I do it because I am vain, shallow, AND stupid.
  11. The lawyer wants to hear about contract girl. "MSG" is pretty great. I went out with Cries All the Time Girl. No picnic.
  12. The Wiggles. Our 18-month old rules the morning TV. He also likes Pimp My Ride.
  13. ah, good. Time to sell my Tomahawk.
  14. How does the Mapletree stuff compare to Singlepower's offerings?
  15. Just saw this (posted about 3 hours ago, 11:45am NYC Time):
  16. Still down... I'm not optimistic.
  17. Very generally speaking, I think the HD 25-1 is more Grado-like in its presentation than any other Senn I have heard.
  18. One of the advantages to the Crumpler bags is that they tend to not look like a typical camera bag, which can make them less of a target for thieves.
  19. I like my Crumpler bag well enough, but I could do without the velcro enclosure, which is a pain in the ass when you are trying to be quiet. Nice bags overall, though.
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