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  1. Going to meets and packing up all my gear is a pain. And now with CanJam, it may limit what I bring. I was thinking of getting a Pelican case or two. Does anyone use them. Any other case suggestions? I don't want to use suitcases and cardboard boxes anymore.
  2. What would be considered a reasonable price for a used O2?
  3. Thanks Nate, I will get the IR thermometer.
  4. At what point should you start to worry about how hot your amps (and other components) get? For example, my HR Balanced desktop runs hot, as expected, and so does the Desktop Power Supply. Further the DAC1 also runs pretty warm, which is also expected. Regardless of the fact that it is expected, it still concerns me. Should it? At what point do you consider the heat as a sign of a problem, or the imminent cause of one. Er, aside from fire that is.
  5. That's what I was anticipating. I think I may have been reacting more to the source/amp combo than to the O2.
  6. I listened to the O2 out of the McAlister with the MSB Platinum as the source. That setup was good. Damn good to my ears. And the O2 just melted away like it usually does for me when I hear it. Smooth and sweet. But I wanted to also hear some rock as I have always just heard jazz and classical. The only (sort of) rock the owner had was Joe Satriani, and while I'm not a huge fan, it was definitely engaging. But I still would like to try just to see if they can rock out. Can they? I tried to answer that question myself by listening to the O2 out of the Cary (and I think it was a SRM-007t amp) and it sounded dreadful; the worst I have heard it sound. Now mind you, I was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn on a really poorly recorded CD, but it was the worst experience I have had with the O2. Maybe the Cary was spooked or something, though, because I just didn't like a lot of what I heard through it. Could be the old tin ears as well. Overall assessment, I very much want the O2, but I hope to put some rock through them at CanJam.
  7. Thanks for answering my questions a few pages back, all. So it sounds like the Lambdas are a good starting point. What about the 303 and 404?
  8. Nikongod's K1000 was the highlight of the meet for me. For some reason, until now I had never really been into the K1000.But I really liked them this time around. Perhaps the relatively quieter meet conditions helped. Regardless, now I want one.
  9. Sorry all, I can't bear to go through all the pages right now. Here's my situation. Every time I go to a meet, I end up loving the Stax phones. The O2 is among my favorites, but way WAY out of my price range. That said, what would be a recommended sweet spot to enter the Stax lineup?
  10. Here's what I ended up doing. I went with 2 of these enclosures: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/firewire/usb/eliteclassic. I put a 500GB in one for music and a 750GB in the other for backing up both my internal iMac drive (250GB) and the external music drive.
  11. Happy Birthday, Nate. Have a good one!
  12. Have you heard the A5? I am kind of interested in the A2 for my iMac.
  13. I use iTunes to manage my music collection. Its tagging capabilities leave a lot to be desired. I'm playing around with fixtunes to clean up some of the tags, but I was wondering if folks have any other suggestions about a good tagger that works with Mac and iTunes.
  14. I've been listening to my HF-1 the last few nights and to me it sounds good, but a bit congested, which is frustrating.
  15. Celebrity Apprentice. Please shoot me.
  16. Thanks guys. And you're absolutely right, CanJam is the perfect place to start. Nate, I would love to build, but it still just isn't feasible with the little guy around these days. I am also frustrated by my lack of casework skills. John, I forgot to mention that the Zana was among those in which I am very interested. I spent some time with it (yours?) briefly at one of the NYC meets last year (I think it was near Tom's setup?).
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