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  1. I asked then we should start to fear with a new sr-007 too. Unfortunately the answer was yes I have at least 15db imbalance now.The phones were bought from PJ last Christmas so would be under warranty in Japan yet. I heard about the problems with PJ but if Kaneda could accept the phones I would send them probably because I had no problems with PJ myself. - Is there any new development can I do (check?) something If I open the phones? - I remember it was told the UK service accepts any phones for repair including the japanese variations or not ? Any other service option ? - I have not heard about any positive outcome from this issue were any ?
  2. @johnwmclean: Hi John, I wanted to ask for a time what for the xlr outs on your Carbon beauty, when do you use them?. They are connected to the inputs, not? I know two connected inputs are usual at Stax but I preferred until now some switched single ended inputs as second inputs. The problem is the switch, good switch is a hard to find thing, so I am thinking about what to choose. judo
  3. 5 alphas, 2-3 will be good ? No point to return so low the price and the quantity.
  4. I prefer the longer shaft too. Afaik the shaft is 20 mm, 6 mm threaded. 25 mm above the threaded part is 31 so let the shaft 30 mm.
  5. Making a new firmware is not the same as making an unwanted firmware update I am afraid of the second, maybe I am paranoid a little.
  6. I have an Oppo BDP-93EU from the beginnings with the old firmware - ISO support, no Cinavia, SACD-R I do not know what was taken out from the fw yet. The network firmware update can be disabled but I am not brave to connect it to the internet, that is true there is not much network possibilities in the EU version. What do you think about the Pioneer BDP-170 it is always on on the network anytime can be updated ?
  7. Thanks! As always ( I will pay from home, the proxy here does not let me reach the spreadsheet)
  8. Am I as usually late for a GRLV ?
  9. Thanks for the answers. It helps because I thought too the center pad can not be made with an iron and there are videos about everything and the opposit of it so I was not sure. I have soldered similar chips with lots of flux and with solder braid to remove the bridges but I do not like it. Yes, I wanted to say stencil not mask.
  10. I got the parts from soren. I think the resistors and relays can be soldered by soldering iron but the ic-s hardly. Not only the size but the thermal pad seems hard. I made some smt but never with the.solder paste, hot gun method. It was told this is possible with iron, how ? If I have to choose the paste method how can I apply the paste without a mask? Any advice or good tutorial would be appreciated.
  11. You think the new 007a -s are made with this PEEk diaphragm too and we should start to fear ? I was glad in the morning because I thought I heard so details in the Bartók Concerto (Ozawa SACD) as only in a real concert so I started to think about to relisten my all old symphonic recordings. Too long term plan ?
  12. I have a Weller TCP for more than 30 years, indestructable indeed.
  13. You are right. Panspermia is a theory about how the life, living organisms or the building matter of the organisms transported in the interstellar space. The Big Bang is the theory the now expanding universe some time ago was a microscopic point and banged from there and is banging on and on now
  14. Origin of the Universe and origin of life are two things or not ?
  15. You should read a few pages back in the thread you find answers if you were really interested.
  16. From that Spritzer told about the mod,to compensate the overblown bass, I thought the opposite. I will try the mod later but I am curious. Now I am listening to my new ( almost sure it is really new ) 007, I need a few weeks usually to decide I like the new toy or not.
  17. Thanks. I red what you said about this earlier. I had to wait for PJ almost two weeks while he could get the phones. So I thought there was a possibility these are some old stock, probably not.
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