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  1. K.S.

    Donate in sidebar

    I just wanted to check and see if the donate option in the sidebar is a legit headcase feature. I dont post much but it is always fun to read and would like to support it.
  2. I have been enjoying this box set lately.
  3. We had the LF and the ba both hooked up to my front end at a meet and most thought the ba sounded better with the lcd2.
  4. I prefered the lcd2r2 on the ba (at least with my setup) over any other amp combo that I tried them with. I would assume I should be able to get close to the same level of performance from the lcd3 since they are speced close.
  5. While I was excited for the next season, the first episode was a little lacking for me. Probably because of everything that happened toward the end of the first season, this episode had to reset everything. I have to watch it again though to catch who some of these new leaders/factions are.
  6. I noticed you put them up for sale. Are you just sticking with the hd800 or are you going to go stax?
  7. I agree with your last line, my new one is better than my first two but still not quite worth it for the average joe trying to scrape the money to buy one.
  8. From my emails with Craig, this is just a entry level stat amp. He has plans in the future for a TOTL amp.
  9. I didnt know about the 2nd configuration of the electra. Does anybody have any thoughts on what config would be better? Which meet is he bringing them to?
  10. I think there was only 1 307a BA built if I remember right.
  11. K.S.

    Audeze LCD-3

    With the lcd2 the vocals were clear with percise edges to there location. With the lcd3, the vocal was fuzzy. I prefer to call it smog like on a sunny day you can see the persice skyline of LA but on a different sunny when you look it is still easilly seen but the skyline is a little fuzzy due to smog. Some of the albums I noticed it on were high resolution music. If anything, the lcd3 seem to be the ones covering flaws up because it was a lot easier listening to badly recorded music with them than with my lcd2.
  12. K.S.

    Audeze LCD-3

    It was easy to tell that my first pair was veiled and muddy. I dont think it would be hard for anybody to be able to tell. My second pair seemed non veiled until I listened to some male vocals and it didnt seem quite right. I did comparisons with my lcd2 in found it was slightly veiled. I only seemed to notice it though on male vocals. Female vocals sounded fine. It would be nice to hear one of the known non veiled versions so I know if that was the best that they can be or can they sound even better.
  13. I stumbled on this place while I was looking for TTVJ 307a reviews I think a couple of years ago. I love reading the threads here since I enjoy sarcastic humor.
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