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  1. Woah! Very nice! Although I admit to fondling myself in the darkest of night to the thought of the KX-R and its many-chambered magnificence I confess I am quite interested in Mr. Doshi's creation. Any details on tube compliment and topology? Is there an optional or not-pictured PSU? Is the rectification tube or tranistor based? Details are scarce on this rare production, looking forward to hearing more about its sound at the very least! FWIW the KX-R is - from a purely mechanical standpoint - one of the most impressive bits of engineering I have seen in audio, ever. If the White Unicorn bests it in sonic prowess I am aghast at the possibility. Congrats and let us hear some impressions!
  2. x2 (3, 4?) Not very subtle. Still loving the overall style but for silkscreens I think a minimalist approach is best. You only really have to look at the lettering once or twice to know where everything goes.
  3. They should accept a paypal receipt. Also most online vendors simply send an html/text form as a receipt. Like so:: ITEM //// Cost b22/3ch /// xxx.xx xx.xx tax/fees xxxx.xx TOTAL You will be receiving your amp shortly, thanks for ordering! EDIT: That did not post well without spaces, oh well.
  4. Very nice, looking forward to seeing the tube compliment... 6c33c would seem too big for such a small amp... maybe 6c41c like the original HD2. Unlike the initial HF responses I think Craig's amps have an individualistic flair that separates them from the legions of glossy black drone boxes that we have to choose from. Although I do prefer to see the tubes... (Think I can see one reflecting light toward the back.)
  5. Those are some manly heatsinks! Curious as to what type of topology you are using for this amp... I have a ton of these devices and no set design yet. If you still have a referral to onlinemetals I could definitely use one for an upcoming copper sheet purchase.
  6. Hahaha, I always wondered why people bring up old threads for absolutely no reason. Now that I have done it myself I am no closer to understanding.
  7. Yeah, definitely not laugh out loud funny but interesting enough half of the time that I keep it in my feed reader.
  8. Unbelievable Steve, you are a master craftsman. Glad you were able to put that motor to good use!
  9. Beneva vs Clark Nova :: Sombunall Caspian :: You are the conductor -Finally on vinyl, too bad I am lacking a turntable at the moment!
  10. Favorite sunn o))) in awhile. I love me some organ. That cathedral is intense.
  11. For those who care... Not A Blog - Huge, Huge News HBO hasn't done wrong by me yet, hopes are very high for this one.
  12. Been waiting for this for awhile! I absolutely need a remote with screen my neck is killing me from trying to look at my sb from my bed.
  13. Seriously, I have seen many pictures of foo_me's zanden before but none have captured its true beauty like iron_dreamer's! Incredible!
  14. Hehehe... Yes they fell off my head when I first got them.... fortunately the band is malleable/semi-adjustable and I got them back to what I assume is 'regular'
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