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  1. Man, I've been away for too long. Will read up on that first.
  2. So what would be the adjustment procedure for the board with the opamp? Balance the board, shutdown, pop the opamp in?
  3. Excellent execution. Tiny package, big punch. Congrats!
  4. I tend to get that issue most severely with a sweaty palm, which is admittedly most of the time. Still waiting on whatever that would replace the Nexus 10.
  5. Gentlemen, for all your shoveling needs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0McQ-cQmUZA And now in convenient .gif format:
  6. tempting. Feels like they trying to get rid of the old stock before releasing the new version though.
  7. Better to write that email down in the thread here. That way there are no mistakes.
  8. Any Fans of Boards of Canada here? They are finally releasing a fourth album after seven years of hiatus. http://warp.net/records/boards-of-canada/new-album-tomorrows-harvest
  9. You'll need to build your own controller for the attenuator. (i.e., an arduino) You can add remote control functionality to it.
  10. Okay, Alien Mod should now be working on, with redirection. Still a little slow though. It might be faster to grab it off steam workshop. Good night fellas.
  11. I'm migrating away from the current service provider for the killing floor servers. The performance is just too shitty in what I'm using right now. Hopefully the new server will provide better performance. The new server ip address is Redirect has also been setup. Server password remains the same, and I'm now working on installing the alien mod. Will let you know when it is done.
  12. I'm migrating away from linode to somewhere less pricey + better spec'd machines. As a result, the vent server ip needs to be updated. The new server address is madebelieve.guanmado.com. Thanks!
  13. I've installed it on HCKF2. No redirect currently, so no idea if it works or not.
  14. Most the time I'm at a place with wifi. So the data plan isn't being used much, except in the instance where I'm travelling. So she might not need that data. Try looking for carriers that offers data day passes, so if she DOES need it, she can just buy it for the day. I guess it really depends on her browsing habits, and if she has wifi access most of the time.
  15. No. Nexus 4 does not support CDMA nor LTE.
  16. The N4's price point is just too awesome. N10 as well. Makes me want to sell my N7 and get the N10! If the N7 is any indication though, they'll likely have a hspa+ version in a few months.
  17. Killing Floor HillBilly Horror update installed.
  18. Fix applied. Confirmed to work. Thanks!
  19. I'm getting more frequent screen flickering under low light + low wifi conditions.
  20. That's smart. Ganna steal that trick for later.
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