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  1. Drove to Nashville. But yeah, wow, everything in the States really all come supersized! Even the rain drops were sizes of large French fries. We couldn't see anything while driving down the highway. D:
  2. Oh oh, before I forget, it'd be nice to get high voltage connectors for 2 chassis builds.
  3. So which processor did you guys decide on using?
  4. I could always setup a second server if there are enough players.
  5. Oh My. This and steam summer sale. What to do, what to do...
  6. That sucks man, hope it gets sorted out soon.
  7. Looks like mumble wasn't all that popular, so I'm shutting it down.
  8. CentOS is great. Never had to reboot it once. Set it once, and leave it be. Likewise, Fedora is great too for its large repository of fresh software.
  9. Not really parts, but... Laser Engraving service? Other than that, If we can get some reasonably priced C3675, that would be nice.
  10. Upgraded the operating system on one of my VPS.
  11. Did I say it was going to take a day or two? I lied. Besides asset redirection (DONE), the server is now fully loaded with the relevent muts and maps. let me setup a mumble server for you guys to decide. It should be up at ( Somebody please test it, Won't be able to actually test in until I get home.
  12. BTW, Would you guys like to give mumble a try, since I'm doing a full reinstall? It might be a lot friendlier for those with macs; AND none of us will have problem with volume again. (From what I read.) On a side note, I've got a vanilla server up. Server fills up within 10 seconds. People you cray.
  13. With the new Summer update, HLDS tool has now become obsolete. This means that I need to install a fresh kf server, so I'm taking the chance to upgrade the server OS as well. Estimated downtime to be a day or two while I sort things out, maybe sooner. In the mean time, I've setup a vent server @ guanmado.com (, so you can voice chat while you kf.
  14. PARADOX - For Sound Engineers, by Sound Engineers.
  15. Happy Birthday! Here's a vacuum tube cake for ya
  16. Great! Will add it to my BOM. Also, what's the bjt between the output transistors?
  17. So... How do we mount the chip to the sink? Drill two holes on the Ohmite sinks and screw it on?
  18. You can still get them for about that price.
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