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  1. Thanks! Looking forward to auditioning it!
  2. Love the touchscreen. Is it capacitive type or resistive type touchscreen? Will it still work if you place it behind a thin slab of plexiglass? (let's say 1~2mm?)
  3. The new 6 layer board already cost less than the original estimate. Might as well go with the one with better layout.
  4. That's about $1200 for 4 channels. It surely has to sound better than a quad RK50!
  5. Well, it's just swapping the resistor set for another one. It shouldn't be too hard if we include some preset values on the BOM for people with blank boards. OTOH, for people with assembled boards maybe we should have a single version to keep the price down? What do people think?
  6. You just made my day there. Lego and Minecraft. Two of my favorite things in one post.
  7. Need to build this in minecraft.
  8. Price looks good. BTW, what's the input impedance of the KGITSOJC circuit?
  9. Link to the BOM: here It's hard to find all the resistor values from the same manufacturer. I also couldn't find 2 values in the appropriate package or in small quantities. Manufacturers are mixed and matched right now, but all of them are ±100ppm/°C, 1% 1W thick film resistors. Also need the value for the compensation caps. If anyone wants to edit or have it in a excel file let me know.
  10. which resistor are we using here? These? Also relays? I'll quickly put one together.
  11. This would be quite useful. I could imagine attenuating two separate streams to two different people. Or do channel matching for testing headphones.
  12. I would be interested in boards. I've been waiting for a good, reliable, relay based attenuator solution. If we are doing a GB on the relays I'd be interested in that as well.
  13. I remember KG said something about 2sa1968 sounds sweeter. But you can run the ixys part at a higher voltage, resulting in a larger voltage swing; and it is not being discontinued like the 2sa1968.
  14. The new boards are looking good. You could even use the unused ccs holes as mounting holes to the angled brackets. Quite nice so far.
  15. Yes, I too would like to build the outboard version. Not only could we run the output stage at a higher bias, it is more compact as well. Will the ixys current source be added back to the outboard version?
  16. Found out that we can edit posts loooooong time after the 15 minutes mark. Bug or feature?
  17. Us Canadians get the same shaft as you do.
  18. don't forget the new hybrid shunt supply!
  19. Hurray for summer time! I'd love to get my sweaty paws on some pcbs. Looking forward to see the dynafet!
  20. Woah. Looks hefty. Do you mean both series and shunt versions when you said both versions?
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