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  1. I heard this amp driving HD800s which is a can I don't really like but this combination sounded very good. It's a heckuva amp for $219 in kit form.
  2. I have the RS1i but the PS500 I heard briefly at CanJam in Denver but with low hours so not fully broken in. It sounded good but not as much bass as RS1i but could be break-in related.
  3. I picked up the RS2is last weekend and really like them. In fact I am probably going to upgrade to the RS-1i.
  4. Heard these at the Rocky Mountain Can Jam. I thought they sounded good.
  5. I think this is an unnecessarily harsh view. They are quite good.
  6. I await my invitation. I heard the Harbeths at RMAF and was really impressed. Glorious midrange.
  7. This explains it well: Current vs Watts - AudioKarma.org Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums
  8. I find the 1.6s to image very well. I like Lyric (they were my first dealer) but they probably did not have them set up right. Their sound rooms are cramped in my experience. Maggies need lots of room to breathe. At least 3 feet off the back wall.
  9. Or last girl for Tiger Woods? Too soon? I may buy a pair. I was impressed with the mids and highs on the one I heard at the local Atlanta Head-Fi event. They sounded close to my modded 225s. P.S. Did the new run fix the lettering issue?
  10. Long-time owner of Maggies here. Had 3As in past and have the 1.6s now but will likely upgrade to 1.7s. A couple of things that really impact Maggie sound: 1. Room position and overall room size. The best I have heard them is using the Cardas speaker placement formula (planar formula). That really helped with my listening room. 2. Power. Maggies need lots of current, not necessarily wattage. My VT-100 amp is probably just enough to power them up; more juice would be better. 3. I prefer the tweeters on the inside which the manual suggests may not be good for the phasing. It w
  11. LOL. No. Does that make them sound better?
  12. We had a local dealer demo the new 802 Diamond speakers. Horrible sounding. Never have liked the B&W.
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