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  1. funny, I got a blue BHSE because it matches my nads
  2. It sucked on my Roku, and it sucks on my Marantz player... I may just give up and get a TV with netflix capability (good excuse for a new screen)
  3. Have you tried the netflix application? Is it as clean and responsive as the other features? I single this one out, because this functionality is an afterthought to even the biggest names in a/v, despite otherwise superb products
  4. Oh, and if anyone else wants some Quads, but their wife won't allow them to purchase such large speakers, here's my proven strategy: Show her the Maggie 20's, and show all the excitement in the world. Once she explains how there's no way she will allow 2 meter tall speakers in the room, agree with her (making a big deal out of how you are a good husband for being willing to compromise), and suggest the "small" Quads
  5. Kimchi is just enjoying the view out the window - I am fortunate that she never claws ANYTHING except the welcome mat. Not once has she ever attacked a chair, couch, wire/cord, or the Quads, in the 4 years I've owned her. In fact, she won't even take out her claws when jumping up on the desk to be pet, leading to a humorous slide as the momentum from her jump pushes her along. Now I just need to do something about my 26'' TV with black levels and detail that make the Sun look like a reference for darkness...
  6. Scary lack of Quad ESL's in this thread - let's change that! Have my 2805's spaced 2 feet from the wall - with an absorber behind the middle panels, I can't tell a difference between this distance and pulling them any further out
  7. aww, the thread got locked, and those GLORIOUS pictures of a dozen senn headphones over pj's head was removed that guy has some SERIOUSLY thin skin
  8. Because I mismeasured and my heatsinks need to be shaved 2mm (I don't want to put a hole in the top of my chassis, and I'm not comfortable with using any shorter standoffs) Once my wife gets home, I may have her yank on the heatsink with pliers while I heat both of the joints. I've spent over an hour with my desoldering pump and braid with no luck... not to mention the ridiculous amounts of flux vapors now permeating the air in my living room
  9. Thanks! Now if anyone has any tips for desoldering to-220 heatsinks from the board... this is much harder than removing a through-hole device I've been going at this for 45 minutes and haven't managed to remove a single one of the four
  10. +/- 502v!!! The PSU is finally working! And to think I originally believed that buying 3 boards was overkill...
  11. This could be great news! I just tried powering on my third attempt at the PS yesterday, and the fuse blew instantly... I was going to let my blood pressure lower for about a week before attempting again, but maybe I'll just try a higher rated fuse
  12. I know next to nothing about fancy cameras, but as far as P&S goes, my wife's Olympus XZ1 has incredibly fast focusing and looks spectacular in close range. Given the images I can get out of it, I'm sure it'd be incredible in the hands of someone who knows how to use it!
  13. Thanks fellas! Don't know why it didn't occur to me to check ebay
  14. Any ideas on how to couple an 8mm shaft to a 6mm shaft (no human copulation joke intended)? Can't seem to find one from any of the usual sources
  15. Now all you need is to ditch the Omegas and purchase some 009s The SR-Omega was my favorite set of headphones, until the 009s showed up - I honestly feel they made the Omega obsolete
  16. Already have incorporated thermal paste (and yes, it is white). Glad to see I wasnt being over the top by doing so! edit: in fact, you can see the little tube of it in left of my photo
  17. no locktite yet (since I'm untested), so I'll just yank them out thanks for letting me know
  18. I know, but it helped make the spacing even
  19. Just wish I had a working PSU for testing... sigh
  20. I have gathered that from him, yes. But the corporate interests that he will have to partner with will undoubtedly not feel the same way. No file format can force a minimum level of dynamic range, for instance. It would not surprise me if they end up re-releasing 256k mp3s in his new formats, much like those uneducated souls who transfer their mp3 collection into FLAC and claim it sounds better.
  21. I'm 100% sure this is just going to be another branding label, along the lines of "Beats Audio." Now we can hear the same poorly mastered songs with higher levels of distortion and much larger filesizes, and all the hipsters will jump with glee that they are listening to the best of the best.
  22. Even more fun... FPE called and said they screwed up my panel (great customer service though, they ordered another case on their dime). My build is jinxed
  23. Fun... new board, +/-15v supply is all over the place, and the 500v supply sparked on powerup and blew the fuse... this is just not my build so far any better way to test my transformer other than measuring for shorts, and then measuring the AC voltage?
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