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  1. Happy Birthday, Bacon Master!
  2. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
  4. Amazing looking breads. Congrats on the new biz, Mikey. My diet would suffer immensely if I lived nearby. I'm a sucker for sourdough. Droooooooooooool.....
  5. Happy Birthday, Al! ? Was in court today as a witness in a civil case for corporate dispute. Non of the attorneys had any semblance of powerful facial hair. So weak sauce. Especially the slimy one that cross examined me. LoL.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday, Duggeh!
  8. Edwood

    Nintendo Switch

    I like being able to play on the go and prefer Nintendo Portables (I still have my original Game Boy and pretty much every Nintendo Portable) . I never got the Wii or Wii U before. Being able to play Zelda BOTW pretty much anywhere is great. Although the Switch's battery life is quite shitty. I do carry a battery charging pack with me as well though.
  9. Edwood

    Nintendo Switch

    Really been enjoying Zelda Breath of the Wild on my Switch. I'm really liking using the Joy-cons separately in each hand.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie!
  11. Happy (belated) Birthday!
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