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  1. Well it seems microsoft has done it again to me. For years off and on I have had problems whenever microsoft has done an update and it would screw up everything. This time in early February there was some type of update that FUBARed my whole computer. First I suspected it was the NORD vpn update but I deactivated it and there was no difference. The problems are- I cannot access any apps. The startup icon and search bar do not work, When I hit startup button+R, I can see the HDs with some documents but no apps, MS Office, Windows Accessories etc do not appear on the HD tree, When attempting to pull up saved docs I get error messages which makes me think that somehow the links to the apps were corrupted or vanished, What "fixes" I have attempted so far- Since my computer skills are as limited as my woodworking and amp building skills I have just stayed with the basics. Restated the computer, shut the computer down and turned it on, attempted reloading Win 10 Pro from disk. I cannot roll back the computer updates because I am unable to access any apps which limits options for further trouble shooting. Screen shot of error messages - When attempting to pull up old jpgs from my desktop I get this error message causing me to suspect the link to my apps was corrupted. Any ideas or suggestions? Hopefully there is a solution other than doing a complete wipe of the main drive and reinstalling Win 10. BTW when I searched MS they stated that my system was not compatible with Win 11. Thanks for any advice.
  2. OK, starting to dial in the Flair 58 and running into two learning curve issues. First, when pulling shots it is taking way too long 1.3 minutes and way too much force 10psi, to pull a full shot. I think I need to work on the grind setting, perhaps the setting is dialed in too fine. I am trying to figure out the settings as I move the Niche back and forth between pour over and espresso. Second, once I have finished the shot, I still have a puddle of water on the top of the 54mm portafilter's screen. Oddly enough the puck seems to be relatively solid so it must mean I am getting most of the water through the grounds. Any suggestions?
  3. Who the hell launders wheat futures? Just sayin'
  4. In, now I need to PP the $. Euros or Rubles? I have a stash of both that need to be laundered exchanged.
  5. Doing my part I am now drinking Tito's instead of Stolichnaya. China needs petrol to feed it's industry and arable land to feed it's people. It currently does not have enough of either to meet it's needs. Russia and Kazakhstan have the petrol and arable land and the geographic proximity to China. Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan offer great corridors to what China needs with little military resistance should things go south. Vladivostok and areas just north to Khabarovsk have been "temporarily" leased to China for agriculture needs. Shouldn't take a rocket scientist to see where this end game is going. I think Putin is looking west when he should be watching his east.
  6. Happy birthday Nate! Sorry I missed you in Beantown.
  7. Happy Birthday Steve! Sending birthday wishes from our house to yours...
  8. Try Etsy, I have one in mind there. Be careful though, some sellers misrepresent the nature of their products and where they are made.
  9. I like to make my purchases in reverse order. I bought the VST, then the Flair 58, then this tamper. Next will be the grinder then...oh yeah the coffee.
  10. Happy Birthday! May the termites pass your property and keep on going.
  11. I looked at the Baratza line because they are in Washington where my youngest is going to school. So that makes a good reason to start, yes? From what little I could gather the Baratza line tends to do one thing i.e. espresso or pour over well and the other so so. The Sette 270WI was on the short list but lost it's place to the Niche. As for the Lagom P110/P64, as I told Jacob, when they have a 50% off sale I will be all over that.
  12. Well way less than the Mignon XL. Not unlike audio stuff, spending huge does not guarantee your gear will even work...the first time. The Niche is a contender as most of the grinders I am finding in my searches are either ugly, have questionable controls, or state that they can only do pour over grinds or espresso only grinds, I need both. And most importantly, I need the grinder to work without field stripping it each time I use it.
  13. Paypal took care of the Clive issue so I am now in the market for a grinder that handles espresso for the Flair 58 and Chemex switchoffs. I am going to be much more particular in my selection this time.
  14. So Clive received the second Mignon XL and the rep informed me that yes the grinder did not grind coffee when she first booted it up but then messed with it a bit, changed the settings to a coarser grind and got it to grind again all the while emphasizing that I should not use the full range of grind settings since the finer ones will make the grinder stop working. This is Eureka's flag ship grinder and it is normal for it to not work on first use and for the operator to not be able to use the full range of settings? Kind of like buying a Lamborghini Aventador and being told by the factory after you received it that you should not exceed 100 Kph or the car will stop working. So Clive accepted my return and will refund me my purchase...less a $100 restocking fee. I sent this debacle to PayPal to sort out. Clive Coffee sucks at ethics and customer service. *Forgot to mention, when the second unit arrived I noticed that it had been double taped, the original Eureka package tape and a second different packing tape. I didn't think anything of it at the time but when I brought this up to the "non-service rep" complaining that if they had taken the time to open the package why didn't they check to make sure it functioned she changed the subject awkwardly. I am now suspicious that maybe this was a return/restock which they shipped to me as new.
  15. As soon as I learn how to use a saw I will be all over that.
  16. I bought the VST as well but it is sitting next to the Flair while this Mignon grinder debacle is getting sorted out.
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