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  1. If you use a bar of soap, I would highly recommend Irish Spring.
  2. I had my Niche set at 16 so dialing back to 12 the assess the progress. Thanks for the suggestions and responses.
  3. Augsburger


    Damn! Hajime was such a nice guy and very supportive of the audiophile community.
  4. I hope you are not talking about your Flair. My extractions don't take longer than 15 seconds. No way I could hit 40 seconds unless I kept it under 1 bar and my grind is set at fine espresso.
  5. Please post your birthday meal and drinks in whatever country you find yourself at the moment. Oh, and happy birthday!
  6. Drank my Viognier and watched three coyotes saunter through my property. I need to post coyote etiquette hours for them to follow so I can enjoy my wine in peace. Cute and creepy all at the same time.
  7. So why don't you build one? Lord knows you have enough tools.
  8. Happy birthday young man!
  9. Augsburger


    I read on the innernetz that mono is best in a geodesic dome or a pyramid, so there's that.
  10. Curry makes all things interesting, even Spam.
  11. Augsburger


    I find it funny when speaker manufacturers advertise their speakers as "$XXX per speaker". Who buys one speaker, V. van Gogh? 🤣
  12. Another one located about six miles away. Much better picture, the summer drought is bringing them down out of the mountains looking for water and food/people. Keep watching to the 37 second part. https://neighbors.ring.com/n/Zx9oPAvIxV
  13. Steve, I will pay your airfare if you let me video you petting said kitty.
  14. ...from a few nights ago. Time to get a bigger stronger fence me thinks. At least it has been over a month since I caught my last rattle snake. https://neighbors.ring.com/n/ZrDW0wLfmz
  15. Great news, at least for the fencing crowd and our family. The US men' and women's teams medaled, silver...even without Lance's help. The French women's Olympian whom Lance used to train with and bested a few times, took gold. She was coached by her fiancé who used to train at the club as well. While training in So Cal they used to come over for my BBQ and Booker Syrah. I truly believe that is what led to their results and medals.
  16. Our good friend, Lance's fencing coach and mentor just finished a world cup/world championship fencing competition in Cairo. As has been his record for many years, his fencers medaled! Now through the Paris Olympics he is co-coaching the Hong Kong team.
  17. I love my Flair 58. The learning curve is steep and the results are superior to my Chemex in every way...and I love my Chemex.
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