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  1. I love my Flair 58. The learning curve is steep and the results are superior to my Chemex in every way...and I love my Chemex.
  2. Well as they said in my graduate school marketing class "know your customer (scam victim)"
  3. Returned from a shopping trip to Paso Robles.
  4. Ordered some Amazon stuff: glad to see they have finally stepped up their drone "same day" service. I don't think the "danger close" option was a good idea though.
  5. Thanks all. Had a nice dinner and chilled for most of the day.
  6. Didn't see that coming. 😄
  7. Happy Birthday! As always i will drink plenty to toast you... and just about anyone else for that matter.
  8. Had chicken mole in Park City. After a 45-minute wait for my dish to arrive, I was disturbed to realize that I may have lost my sense of taste as the meal was devoid of any flavors. I was certain I had contracted Covid on the plane ride to Youtah. Thankfully when I took a sip of my warm Margarita, I had the overwhelming flavor of radiator fluid and Yak musk. Don't ask how I know these flavors and aromas; I had a very interesting childhood...
  9. In that case I guess we received "expedited" service. New French doors and hardware are still a 4-6 month wait.
  10. After three months of waiting the table and chairs arrive...except the table is the wrong size. At least the Rose was excellent.
  11. Went for a short bike ride in a erupting volcano it seems.
  12. I don't know what you guys mean by "pulling it out of the freezer" but mine is already...
  13. Congrats Shelley! The place looks awesome and it is nice you not only get to keep your employment but can take a lateral position. At least i think it is a lateral.
  14. Not today but yesterday. Caught a rattle snake on my back patio and chased a coyote out of my driveway. Now waiting for a Yeti to walk into my back yard looking for my wine stash.
  15. Happy Birthday Brent! Hope to see you soon in the hood.
  16. Happy belated birthday Rob!
  17. And to think at one time I wanted to be a Russian oligarch... Be careful what you wish for.
  18. Nate, you are partially correct. Out of frustration I cleaned the cache, logged out of MS, reset the password, utilized various MS online trouble shooting links which did nothing but load tracking cookies, turned off the computer then booted from disk. It worked, things are back to the way they were. I hate Microshaft.
  19. The thought has crossed my mind I will say.
  20. Imagine this crawling across your foot at night while you sit in the dark on your computer. 20220421_185046.mp4
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