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  1. Second channel came up without a fault. For a 2U heatsink 200mA seems to be the highest what's thermally viable, the hottest transistors were above 70C. Once the spare THAT340 arrives, I'll try to do a listening test.
  2. Looks great! One thing, when I was searching for parts, the 600pf ceramic cap seemed to be problematic. Mouser only had one part and the lead spacing was more similar to what's for the 47uF cap.
  3. Got the channel to work. Turns out the culprit was a faulty THAT chip.
  4. So, one channel of the CFA3 is assembled. As expected, it's acting funny! On the amp board only that LED stays lit. The four LEDs near the input stage only briefly light up when I'm powering on. The fifth outermost LED is dark no matter what. I have no problem biasing the output stages to 180mA, but have no idea how to do it for the input stage.
  5. Might be the fumes talking, but don't try to solder a CFA3 in one sitting.
  6. I've owned the Mini Griptillian which I lost during an airsoft battle and now daily carry a 940. I agree that they aren't a super great value, compared to say Kershaw, but I like the axis lock too much to complain. Generally I find the 940 to be the smallest big knife out there. It's super thin and the S30V steel holds a great edge, but sharpening them is a challenge.
  7. Shit, I'm seeing birds everywhere. Gotto lay off the PRS.
  8. What kind of a guitar is she playing? Bird inlays on the fretboard and a Fender headstock?
  9. Both are shit, HD660S less so. Get the HD6XX or HD650 instead.
  10. What? This guy has two Phonitor 2 amps!
  11. The PCB shop could only do 5 as a minimum, so yeah, have 3 spares.
  12. I'm most interested in how will they do bass, because AMT's are notorious for absolutely hating excursion. ADAM has AMT mids for their large mains and they are notoriously tricky to get right. Regardless of the sound, kudos to HEDD for not pricing them absolutely bonkers just because they can.
  13. RudeWolf


    Yeah, it's really nice! I think many people got put off by the advertising which made it look like a Stranger Things wannabe. The picture is superb and the OST is more than great.
  14. Nice, the Tuna is MIA. Will get money back from insurance, but it still sucks ass.
  15. My tuna has been marinating in some German DHL depot for the last 2 weeks. Fucken xmas.
  16. I dunno, man. For one bringing up Billie's style of singing as something new shows that the writer isn't familiar with crooning which appeared together with more sensitive mics. As for boosting bass, most headphones have a low end response that is superior to most of the stuff out there. Boosting bass even more seems unnecessary.
  17. Followed by the Elear, the Clear might be the best deal of the neo-Focal era. It's one of the very few headphones which offers a straight step-up in technicalities over the HD650, without completely fucking up the tonal balance. As for the Utopia... technicalities are superb, but it's too thin to sound enjoyable for me. Trivial to correct via DSP, but I'd rather save myself the hassle.
  18. I’ve previously tried on a 48mm Tissot Seastar 1000 which wore big especially due to extra lug size, but it didn’t look ridiculous on me. I’ve seen the Tuna being compared to the 007 on two hands of the same person and the miniscule lugs do help a bunch.
  19. I'm currently to pondering swing for an SBBN031 for Xmas/Bday. Local Seiko distros only care for the flashy stuff, so can't really arrange a try-on.
  20. That Genny set needs another sub, so those 1037's can sit on top of them.
  21. Supposedly starting from Phonitor 2 they're really good. XE has the same amp topology, but with a proper balanced output. The inner signal paths are SE, as doing a balanced X-feed matrix would cost a fortune.
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