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  1. Utopia is grossly overpriced for what it is sound wise. If you like stats and can get them for significantly cheaper, then go for it!
  2. Generally yeah. But you need to keep in mind magnet material - ferrite will always be bigger and heavier.
  3. I'm with @Kerry on this one - can't see much sense in PCB screws, if it's well fastened to the back panel. Great work overall!
  4. How low do you want the system to go? It's surprisingly easy to find studio mains 2nd hand, because many large studios are closing down these days. Also what's room's gonna be like? There's no system brilliant enough to not be rendered mediocre by crappy room acoustics. As for DAC's, I'd very much recommend the new RME ADI-2 Pro DAC. RME makes rock solid gear and ADI-2 Pro both versions finally add crazy good sound to that. And 5 band parametric EQ to fight room problems.
  5. Had some time with the old and new Orphies. Didn't mind the new one too much, wasn't unbearably bright, so they haven't pulled a HD800. The old one had considerably more brightness. Listened to Stax 007 Mk II at the same day and I'm not sure if I was missing much from that combo compared to the 50k one.
  6. Looks nice. Even for a bass amp (if it ends up not being the second coming) it's a pretty good price.
  7. In my opinion the aggressive sound signature is mostly owed to an upper mid suckout which gives an impression that the headphone sounds quiet, while the actual SPL is pretty high. So you have to really crank it so it feels right. The upper mid suckout is the Fec...erm Focal house tuning. I don't mind it too much, but it can be dangerous as it makes you expose your ears to higher SPL's.
  8. My idea was running Reaper to do routing and apply the necessary correction through AU plugins. Will need to learn to use Smaart tho.
  9. Finns know their speakers. Cast aluminium chassis, twin Class-AB amps and a metal tweeter that sounds anything but metal. The minimum diffraction enclosure seems to be working as I feel the imaging is as good as the coax LS50ies. Despite playing below 40Hz very well a digital crossover sends everything below 60Hz to MiniDSP 2x4HD which room corrects the signal before it's amplified by a IMG Stageline STA-800D amp for subs. My next stop is swapping the miniDSP for an Mac Mini to run digital frequency and phase correction.
  10. It's running Hypex uCD modules. They're not crappy receiver grade, but I'd use them for bass only, because up top I always find them too Class-D'ey. If you're still looking for a KEF LS50, I'd say skip the NAD and get the LS50 wireless version. I found the LS50 to be rather picky amp wise. It needed a hearty 100W amp which could do low impedances with finesse.
  11. Why not get stands with little more... function?
  12. The thing is that most stereo DACs are good bandwidth wise with USB 2.0, so I wouldn't expect much in terms of adopting new standards on the DAC side. Just get the right cable and you should be good.
  13. It should be trivial to measure the acoustic impact of an obstructive material. Your dust cover should be invisible acoustically, from what I can see. The worst it can do would be rattling, which is trivial to detect and rectify.
  14. HD800 is anything but flat sounding. That treble is outpeaked only by Beyer T1.
  15. Four of these - http://www.sbacoustics.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/12-sb34swnrx-s75-6/ I did plenty of research and my main goal was to find a light subwoofer driver which can do twenty. Initially I was looking at Dayton, but they're poorly represented in EU and they're anything but light. A high Mms/Bl factor was a must. Scanspeak had a 13" which was twice as expensive. Other than that I had to look for exotics like Audio-Technology and Accuton which are even more expensive but TS specs aren't any much better. SB Acoustics is actually a very decent manufacturer, but I'll
  16. My new monitor stands. 114dB free field at 22Hz with only 500W. And there will obviously be two of them.
  17. Here's how the Staxen I had measured. Lambda Pro Lambda Nova Classic For reference - HD800 Overall the Pro sounded more anemic and I preferred the LNC. The earlier roll-off is clearly audible.
  18. Ain't mine! One of the luxuries of my work is that I get to try out many headphones that pass through us (no, I don't work at the post!). The amp has been modified, judging by the fact that RCA's are not stock and there's only one pair of them. Maybe even one of yours, eh? Luckily I'm knee deep in another audio project, so there are no free funds. Otherwise I'd be looking for a PCB set and maybe a pair electrostats.
  19. Finally got my stat cherry properly popped. Previously listened to a SR-202 from that small Stax amp and it didn't do much for me. Lambda Nova from SRM-1/MK2 sounds really good and bass is actually there.
  20. Okay, there is something to those electrostats. Didn't get it with the SR-202's, but Novas from SRM-1/2 float my boat. u9T841e.jpg

  21. OPA1688, OPA1612 and OPA1622 if I'm not mistaken. I think it's the first commercial device to use the OPA1688. Usually one uses opamp and a high current buffer to isolate the opamp from the load and get it to dominate small signal performance. The usual suspects back in the day were OPA134+BUF634 sharing the same feedback loop. In this case RME opted for three OPA1688 per channel to distribute the load, or six for balanced. I personally don't subscribe to the Burson-esque notion that all IC's are bad. In my experience opamps excel in small signal environments with fixed or at least predic
  22. Our head of RnD uses a Fireface UC and we've relied on a Babyface to not leave us with our pants down when we tour high profile LA studios. Rock solid drivers and well thought out controls. Sadly. they'll never outsell stuff like Behringer or Focusrite because it's hard to sell reliability to people who have never been burnt. Sure is. But it's hard for me to just call it a DAC. The thing comes with a 80 page manual to cover all of the features and functions. You have ADC with actual 124dbA SNR, you can use it just as an analog input, but it wouldn't be out of place in a world class mas
  23. Output spectrum is actually something I would expect to see from such ladders. With that said - most of the harmonics are -100dB below the signal, so it's okay in my book. I mean - I've heard better measuring DACs which have sounded far worse. Stock Buffalo 3 for example. Btw, this might interest the mafia members in possession of DIY Soekris modules.
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