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  1. Kerry, can I reduce my order to 2 assembled instead of 4 assembled? Sorry, but money is getting too tight to mention (
  2. 4 x assembled boards (+ relays) for me please.
  3. Rawwrrr! Swedish cooking!
  4. I think the Omega 2 was originally released for around $4k in 2001. It's now around $2,650 retail. If the C32 isn't going to be a limited edition, then it hopefully will drop in price too.
  5. Not heard the DT48's - I had a pair of Beyers once (Darth Beyers) which I found a bit rolled off in the treble but huge boomy bass. Sony R10's are great closed headphone but I doubt you'd want to go to the hassle of tracking down a pair and paying for them. Didn't like the ATH-W5000 - the ATH-L3000 were better but also 4x the price, again if you can find a pair. Hmm - if I had to wear a pair of closed headphones I'd either try a pair of Stax 4070, a pair of Thunderpants or a pair of Sony CD3000 and recable them with thick, well insulated copper cable (stock cable shockingly thin and bad). In that order. Just remembered the Pleather earpads on the Sony CD3000 - I really, really hated it. Getting alternative earpads is imperative, if possible. Forgot to mention the Denon D5000. They are also ok and probably closest to what you're looking for.
  6. Congrats Craig! It's been of great interest to read about the problems plaguing your build and what you did to troubleshoot and solve them - thanks for sharing about it.
  7. Great review - I was ambivalent about the C32 before, given the steep price, but this is tipping it towards the 'gotta try' and 'last headphone you'll ever buy' bucket. I hope it's not a limited edition release and that the price will come down some in the future. Edit: Oh - and excellent pics - thanks for sharing them!
  8. Fing

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    I spent a few evenings reading all 78 issues of the comic and was really impressed. The author really doesn't pull any punches. He also gave an interview about the show and stated that it will have enough surprises for fans of the comic to keep them guessing, which made me feel a lot better. I'm already seeing quite a lot of differences in the show and like Alan Ball's version of the Sookie Stackhouse novels in True Blood, it seems to be a director's reimaging of someone elses world, albeit with the author's help, rather than a slavish (and lackluster) copy (like the Harry Potter books for instance).
  9. Just received the chassis safely and it looks great! Very sturdy and thick, and the heat-sinks are huge! Really impressive work - thanks Kevin!
  10. Most useful illustration between the 13 and 16 earphones yet. It still doesn't remove all my indecision towards making a choice between the two, though my leaning would now be more towards the 16. Presumably with the 3A dsp, the differences will become less relevant since you're able to adjust the bass to suit your taste? I just wonder how the 3A is able to control the points of crossover to the drivers with only a single signal to all 6 or 8 drivers.
  11. Got mine earlier this week. Look great! Thanks Justin
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