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  1. A guy on /r/audiophile said his father passed recently. This was his rig: Not too shabby a view, either.
  2. Brigador is currently free on GOG: https://www.gog.com/ Quite a good game. The soundtrack is by Makeup and Vanity Set, who is one of the best synthwave artists, period.
  3. Steam Holiday Sale is live and ...boy is it not 10 years ago. I mean there's some deals ...that have been as good or better quite recently. The Steam Points Shop(tm) has a bunch of new baubles you can buy for your Steam profile! (I mock, but I actually bought a few with the otherwise useless GabenPoints.
  4. "MAC n cheese." Sing it. zoomerhumor.jpg These three were shot with a Mamiya medium format camera: Click for much, much larger. David Prowse rehearses with Alec Guinness. "You vs the guy she told you not to worry about." meow_irl #ScottishPeople
  5. If anyone needs me, I will be flying to SA, renting a stepladder, returning it, renting a BIGGER stepladder, smacking 'stretch one, and flying home. (Not really.)
  6. So I've been active on Flickr on and off since 2005. I used to regularly submit images to the Tattooed Girls group. Said group has been rudderless for what feels like a decade. All of the admins have been MIA for ages. In the interim, the group has been overrun with off topic images, porn, spam, images with phishing links in the description, etc etc. After several months of back and forth, I managed to get control of the group by contacting Flickr staff. The first thing I did was ban a few spam accounts. Since then I have been slowly going through the 65,000+ (ya rly) images and removi
  7. A guy on /r/audiophile had a pair of 18" subs for a live PA that he was unable to sell, so he added them to his home theatre. WAF is quite low as it turns out.
  8. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  9. Yep, absolutely fucked here.
  10. In unrelated news, I bought SW Battlefront I and II (the new ones) on Steam for $15. Downloading them took ages.
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