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  1. In the parlance of our times, trying to get Reddit's RPAN fork of OBS to work with my webcam got me like
  2. "You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you, Trebek? What with your Diegomustache and your greasy hair!" In just over a week, we lost the two best Celebrity Jeopardy characters.
  3. Wow. Groupees is at it again. They've got more or less the entire catalog of The Flashbulb in a bundle. $3 for a lot of it, $20 for all of it: https://groupees.com/vip18
  4. Abandoned Concrete factory in Italy. 1961 Chrysler Imperial. Click for slightly more bridge.
  5. Last night's show is up: First time I've used my old DAC in years.
  6. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  7. Part of my friend Brent's studio. meow_irl Robert Leiner tuning up his live rig.
  8. "It’s like Jack black and Joe exotic made a meth baby." "Little man with a big eraser / changing history" "The last two... One is an insufferable blonde who likes to throw tantrums and has this weird toxic relationship with the fans who are desperate enough to gang on anyone who doesn't like their icon. The other is Taylor Swift."
  9. I've mentioned on my show a great many times that it's unwise to get into a bidding war with ambient collectors. Demographically, they are the oldest, most well heeled, and the ones most interested in owning original physical media. Today's example. Mama mia.
  10. Mazzy Star live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien 23 August 1994: The highlight of this video is 6'4 Conan offering a handshake to 5 foot nothing Hope Sandoval at the end. She is infamously shy and reserved and it shows in her reaction. Also RIP David Roback. Remember when him dying was the worst thing that happened this year?
  11. I forget, with all the chaos of the last few ...years. Did anyone post this yet? Brilliant, and horrifying.
  12. Fair warning: This is going be an absolutely (film) nerdy post and probably of zero interest to anyone but myself. With that said... For years my friend Brent (listeners of my radio show will know him as bludvesel) has given me shit about the incredibly boring names I use for my computers: 2012MacMini, 2011MacBook, 2015MacBookPro etc. I do this so I always know what I'm looking at on my network. My Wintendo has the imaginative name "Monolith" because it has a huge black case by Fractal Design. Now I have two Macs of the same model and year. With that in mind, I spent several hou
  13. Atmos 7.1 rig running on tube amps(!)
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