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  1. Unbadged mercs in DC. Taken by my friend Eddy in Las Vegas with a medium format film camera. I have a lot of these to post. Mt. St. Helens erupting.
  2. Absolutely brutal. \ NSFW! The White House, five years apart. That is a REALLY big bowl of Cocoa Puffs. Gas station in Germany 1958.
  3. Cutaway view of a Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5.
  4. This is probably my favorite picture I've posted in here all year. Protest outside the White House, a few nights ago. Zuckertrump. Heat map of damaged or looted buildings from the Minneapolis riots. If you don't understand this one, ask your kids.
  5. Legacy Audio Whisper XDs.
  6. ^ You'd want to ask the original poster on reddit's /r/audiophile: Meow.
  7. Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
  8. More shows are up. Mixcloud continues to be a pile of shit, but it works. Mostly. 15 Feb 2019 is going to be delayed for some time until I sort out an error with the tracklist. I helpfully wrote "Ennio Morricone - Doricamente (Tommy Hools Remix) somewhere" but never fixed that. I have to sort out the tracklist before I upload it to Mixcloud, because that's one of their requirements.
  9. ^ That set took 3 tries. However, it appears to be up in completion. If there's any problems with any of the sets, please let me know.
  10. Dec 13, 2012 uploaded. Mixcloud kind of sucks. At the end of an upload, I get "It looks like there was a problem with your connection, we're automatically trying your upload again." more often than not, meaning I had to reupload the whole damn thing.
  11. Just uploaded Test Tone 12-06-19 to Mixcloud: This is an impressively slow and persnicketty process.
  12. A guy I know from Discord just suggested this device to me: https://focusrite.com/en/ios-audio-interface/itrack/itrack-solo Class compliant, USB B and C connectors. Includes a USB C to Lightning cable. Class compliant.
  13. After watching the first five seasons of Magnum PI in 1080p courtesy of BezosVision, I've moved on to another relic from my childhood ...Dallas. I'm too young to remember the first however many seasons, but sure saw a lot reruns and later episodes throughout the 80s. Watching season one is interesting for a bunch of reasons. Early on, Bobby Ewing got equal or even more screen time than J.R. and as the show progressed, the latter became the real star. Also, when the show first aired I was entirely too young to understand what a sexpot lolita Lucy was, I mean holy shit dude. How did the
  14. This thread still active? It is now... So I had the brainlet idea to try broadcasting a DJ set using redderp's RPAN (Reddit Public Access Network) system. I have an older iPhone (6+ IIRC.) I'm going to buy an Apple Lightning to USB3 adapter (so I can get USB I/O and power the damn thing) and a powered USB3 hub. I also need to pick up a class compliant audio interface (I needed one of those anyway.) My first question is, can an iOS device get stereo in from a class compliant interface? I see lots of example online, all of which are mono.
  15. Neon salesman’s sample case from 1930. ...but hey, she called him fat amirite? When zoomers speak of a "Karen" then mean women like this.
  16. Maybe it's because I hadn't eaten much in 24 hours, but I hard a crazy idea last night. Reddit, "The front page of the internet" or whatever they're calling themselves this week have an "RPAN" (Reddit Public Access Network) streaming service ...and it's free to use. There's even a specific music RPAN subreddit and DJs are specifically allowed. I want to try it out. There are some major hurdles: It's mobile only (ewww) and sessions are limited to 45 minutes unless a viewer gives the streamer an award (silly reddit thing.) I can overcome the former by coughing up for some hardware.
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