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  1. 25 years on, I just managed to figure out that SETI and S.E.T.I. are different artists. As you were.
  2. Pele, 1970. Paris, Jan 11 2020. Donald Trump introducing his children Eric and Ivanka to Jeffrey Epstein. Harley-Davidson Cafe, New York, October 1993. Always pick a winner!
  3. 7 years ago, yesterday. I've watched a bunch of Puddles' videos on his YouTube channel over the years (including "punk rock" and "new wave" versions of Royals). Many a good, some are not. None are as transcendent as this one.
  4. I had a very scary halloween last night ...and not in a good way. Background: I am mostly blind in one eye. I see very little out of my left one. I was born this way. Had the doctors caught it in time, they could have corrected it. I'd have had to wear an eye patch for several years (arr!) but I'd have gained sight in my bad eye. None of that happened. Last night I lit a candle I got a while ago. It's got 3 wicks and sits in a (rather flimsy) glass jar. The three wicks are a PITA, necessitating turning the candle to get them all lit. I was working on the third when one of the w
  5. Spent some dome doing research on USB audio interfaces with 4 analogue outputs. NI still sells the Audio 6 ...as part of a $320 package aimed at vinyl DJs: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/traktor/digital-vinyl/traktor-scratch-audio-6/ Hard pass there. I recent bought a 2 in/2 out unit from MOTU and I have been very impressed with it. There's a model with 4 outputs for $220: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M4--motu-m4-4x4-usb-c-audio-interface It has a bunch of things I don't need for Traktor, as well as making use of 1/4" jacks for the outputs (necessitating 1/4
  6. Resht in peace, you will never be replayshed.
  7. That went less than well. Had annoying digital artifacts all night, then ~1:45 in, I lost audio. I did a second segment of the show, using a Mac Mini (meant for other purposes) for Mixlr. THAT part worked fine, then Traktor stopped working again. I have no idea what's going on. It's now pretty clear that either my 2015 MBP is closer to 100% dead than I thought or my NI Audio 6 is basically useless. Replacing the former is expensive but doable in as much as AAPL still makes goddamn laptops. Replacing the latter is a much bigger headache as the A6 is long OOP and there's not a direct repl
  8. Doing this show with my Native Instruments Audio 6 USB audio interface acting as both my DAC for Traktor and my ADC for Mixlr. This is an arrangement I have sought to avoid since ...ever, really. However, the last two weeks I've had some very strange audio issues with my interfaces. Last week Mixlr was summing the input from my (now removed) Onkyo interface and the built in mic on my laptop. Tonight (and earlier this week while I was working on tonight's set) my Mac straight up refused to see both my Audio 6 and Onyko at the same time. To the point that Traktor would refuse to play. At f
  9. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  10. Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook - "The Dark Side Of The MOOG" / Live in Hamburg (23.04.1999)
  11. Somehow the ifunny.co watermark improves it. Billie Holiday performing “Strange Fruit” in NYC’s first integrated club, 1939 - Photo by Gjon Mili/Colorized by Jared Anderson. Hot Honey Fried Chicken Ice Cream Sandwich. These CAPTCHAs are so difficult. *shirt tucking intensifies*
  12. Does this belong to a Head-Caser?
  13. 2012 Mac Mini quad core etc etc. It was running Sierra. My issues were based primarily about Apple's shitty policy with older versions of OS X (you have to download it, or start downloading it before they update it or you can't have it in the App Sore) not loading from .dmg. Even a known good .dmg sourced from a friend gave me errors. After two days of that and still being stuck on Sierra, I said the hell with it and went with Catalina. The actual install of Catalina was slow, but relatively painless. What's been a headache is ...everything since. In Cat everything has to have perm
  14. ...ayep, Catalina is its own unique brand of Cupertino crafted hell.
  15. After two days of attempting to install Mojave, I just said "uncle" and started the upgrade process for Catalina on one of Macs. RIP all of my old 32 bit apps (and like 2/3 of my Mac-compatible Steam library) but at least I'm moving forward again.
  16. Test Tone @ Home live right now: https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  17. Hello, I am an officer in the Obvious Army. I bear the rank of Captain. I bring you this warning: Don't buy cheap bluetooth keyboards. Cough for for an AAPL branded one (even if it has really lame arrow keys) or at minimum a Macally.
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