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  1. Maybe it's because I hadn't eaten much in 24 hours, but I hard a crazy idea last night. Reddit, "The front page of the internet" or whatever they're calling themselves this week have an "RPAN" (Reddit Public Access Network) streaming service ...and it's free to use. There's even a specific music RPAN subreddit and DJs are specifically allowed. I want to try it out. There are some major hurdles: It's mobile only (ewww) and sessions are limited to 45 minutes unless a viewer gives the streamer an award (silly reddit thing.) I can overcome the former by coughing up for some hardware.
  2. Oh boy. I've been deathly ill for the last day+ because of a smoothie I made yesterday: Look innocent enough, doesn't it? I used organic protein powder, ice and milk now that I have some back in the house. I also added a small amount of Almased, which is some hippie powder I got a local shop ages ago. I used this stuff before and it has upset my stomach, especially if I use too much or eat it too late at night. Well, yesterday I had a small amount in the middle of the day. I started feeling bad around 8PM and by midnight I was praying for death. I slept last night fitfully and
  3. Inside a Cambridge Audio A100 & C100.
  4. Pathos Classic One.
  5. Trying something different, I uploaded last Friday's set to Mixcloud. First upload I've made there since 2012(!) Tracklisting included.
  6. ' "Where are my testicles, Summer?" #ANormalDayInRussia Custom 1957 Chevy crewcab. I feel personally attacked.
  7. Bogen SRB-20 Tube Receiver.
  8. Don't look now, but everyone's favorite fat headed Mexican is a 30 something ...for one more year.
  9. Doing this show on equipment that's not been entirely tested post power outage/power surge, so this could get interesting.
  10. After a two week hiatus, Test Tone @ Home is live on the internets right now! https://mixlr.com/illuminator/
  11. What Mike Schultz looked like after battling COVID-19 for 6 weeks in the hospital. 1937 Western Clipper Motorhome. Political Compass, but it's Rammstein lyrics. 1976 Ferrari 308GT Rainbow. 1965 DKW Hummel 155.
  12. I wonder what's anchoring that Tower of Scotch.
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