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  1. DIY tube amps made by the father of a user in reddit's /r/audiophile:
  2. I dunno if I've mentioned this before, but I'm a crazed redneck who lives in the woods. I have an artesian well and the groundwater here is hard as a black metal album. I have not one but two filters between it and what I drink. The first is a grit filter, the second is a taste & odor (charcoal) filter. They needed to be changed when I locked myself in 9 weeks ago, and I was out of spares Today I arranged pickup of new filters and replaced them. This is what the grit filter looked like when I removed it: The filters are pure white when new. For two decades, I have snarkily ref
  3. I've been testing all night with the Blue Icicle plugged straight into a (USB3) port. So far, the yammering idiots in Discord haven't reported me going robotic once. Also, I should note that after I wrote the above message I remembered that my HeadAmp Pico DAC uses Micro USB. "The size no one uses anymore" indeed. Hi, Justin! 😁
  4. Interesting. I have my Icicle pugged into a USB hub. I have a PSU for the hub, but I have to leave it disconnected ...or the PC won't boot. For reasons that are unclear to me, the PC won't power on when the hub has a wall wart attached. Fortunately, my motherboard has a bunch of free ports. I just have to find a longer USB A to USB B mini (AKA the size no one uses anymore) cable to make it work. Thanks for the info.
  5. I played two 16bit style JRPGs recently, Cthulhu Saves Christmas and and Cosmic Star Heroine. I'm still working on the latter, I haven't 100%'d it yet. I love Zeboyd games. 9 years ago, when I had a very crappy even for the time PC, I played both Cthulhu Saves The World and Breath of Death VII. All Zeboyd games are mechanically similar, but they have excellent writing and a very sharp sense of humor. Zeyboyd took over Penny Arcade's struggling On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness series and did two in that series (3 and 4). I beat 3 and never quite finished 4. I might resume it some
  6. Still assessing the damage from this weekend's electrical disaster. The Blue Icicle is kind of a piece of shit. I randomly goes into "ear shredding robot" which means I cannot use it for anything serious (like ranting about obscure electronic music.) I was in a Discord call last night and the Icicle acted up. The other people in the call began screaming and begging me to stop. Just as quickly, the Icicle began behaving again. It repeated this pattern 2-3 more times throughout the evening. I have to get a new USB audio interface, and I really need a new mic preamp (never buy Behringer.)
  7. It's as much room (and Herman Miller) porn as it is speaker porn, innit?
  8. We got hit by a major storm last night. Power was out for over 6 hours. 10 minutes after 8 until well past 2AM. I had all sorts of fun issues during it. My iPhone refused to connect to my laptop. I had a lightning cable handy and when I connected them, the iPhone went nuts spamming "trust this device" confirmation popups. The problem was that it the popups disappeared immediately and wouldn't let me click on any of them. It also made a chime noise every time a popup appeared, which quickly wore away at my already fraying sanity. Weirdly, the two devices did pair wirelessly and I was ab
  9. I gotcher vales righ cheer:
  10. MASSIVE storm here in scenic western MA. Tornado warning. Power already out. House shaking from the thunder. Seriously doubt there will be a show tonight.
  11. Icon Audio Stereo 60 MK III.
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