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  1. That's quite some clean-up. Well done!
  2. What's up with the shitty model names? I thought the Lamborghini LP560-4 had a pretty ridiculous name... MD7000 DE sounds like a cheap OEM part number. This is also beyond confusing:
  3. LOL If I were to buy another headphone, it would be a O2 Mk1 + SRM-717. It's a system I'm familiar with and love a lot. The SRM-717 makes even the HE60 sound a bit more focussed and refined vs SRM-006t.
  4. Oh dear, the Swan Lake and Flamenco K2HD discs are god-awful. Listening to the Flamenco K2HD is like shoving a drill into your ears. It's so aggressive and bright I find it unbearable. On the other hand, the K2HD sampler and Cantate Domino are brilliant. The quality of the mastering and of the original tape being mastered makes a bigger difference than the format it is released on.
  5. It's been a while since I've posted. Glad to see everyone alive and well... and in good spirits;D Will need to go back a few pages to catch up on what I've missed - A LOT! Picking up on the HE60 vs Lambda comparison: you'd have to be mad to choose the latter over the former... then again, I am a self-confessed He60 fanboy.
  6. The cable (or sheath) on the E500/SE530 has never been very reliable. Many people have experienced this problem to the point where I would consider this a question of not whether the cable (or sheath) with fail, but when... Fortunately, Shure has one of the best warranty policies around.
  7. Hmm... Is it possible to take apart a lambda driver? The plates look like they were glued together. I guess as long as you manage to glue them back together... Tube-wise, the 007t runs on four 6CG7s. The RCA cleartop variant is quite popular. Raytheon and Sylvania are two others... Sounds like a bit of dust to me too, but I would be extremely careful sucking dust out with a vacuum cleaner. One slip and you'll need replacement stators:o
  8. Naa... $2k is enough:p Jokes aside, what's wrong with the DAC1? It's very well received by the studio/mastering crowd.
  9. The main problem with iTunes is that it is very slow and not as responsive as it ought to be. On the upside, it is visually pleasing and a doddle to use. I tag using iTunes and Foobar just reads them. For some reason, my Foobar can't quite read the 'Composer'. It works the other way round if I tag with Foobar... Here's my foobar: And my iTunes:
  10. Looks good! Thanks for the smooth transition...
  11. Apparently not nearly as sensitive as the HE60 is to dust. I've had to open up my HE60 drivers twice because of dust issues. The mesh on the Lambdas seem to be more effective. That said, I would still follow Spritzer's advice and short the plugs when unplugged to avoid dust-attracting static build-up.
  12. My whole headphone fund gone in a flash I guess the O2/KGSS will have to wait...
  13. The pads are stuck to the base via a very sticky double-sided tape. Use a sharp edge (knife) to carefully pry the pads off. Make sure the tape comes off with the pad. If you rip the pads from the tape, you'll have to remove any residue tape and resort to buying new replacement pads, so be patient and take your time! The screws are not for the earpads. Removing the screws will give you access to the drives themselves. So yeah, either "rip" the earpads off or "rip" the foam out.
  14. Darn it! I missed Afrikane's SR-007A! He was only selling for 1,350 shipped. I messaged him afterwards and apparently it was gone in less than two minutes
  15. Ah now I understand. Thanks for the pictures (and the courage:D).
  16. Nice, I also believe Jahn has one of the C5000+ SRM1s too. Best to check with him.
  17. I'm using FF3b5 too. So RIP can remove the whole frame?! I'm using Adblock Plus to block a heck of a lot of images/banners on Head-Fi, but it'd be nice to be able to block some frames too:
  18. This is one aspect of the O2 which I absolutely love. Like you said, details don't jump out at you, but listen carefully and wow... So smooth and rich, yet insanely detailed at the same time. Just how did they do it I agree! It reproduces a lot of reverberation and ambience cues. The sound is quite 'live'. Enjoy! I really want one too!
  19. I wonder why "Jennifer Crock" deleted "her" post...
  20. I'd just stay for a few more days, pop up to Toronto to visit grandparents and make it a holiday:D
  21. Why is the international hf meet always during exams?!?!? I want to listen to the KGBH SE!
  22. I received a copy of this quite recently. It's absolutely superb!
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