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  1. Interesting, I find my MS2i's to be brighter than my DT990's, but my Beyers are the 32ohm version.
  2. apnk


    Have nothing to do so I guess I'll post a quick crappy pic of my Stowa Seatime: I think this one would be awesome for the summer, 1000m Prodiver:
  3. Cool, thanks for for the quick impression!
  4. Yep, same thing happened to me, the first pair's cable broke after 8 months, sent them in. On 2nd pair one side sounded muffled after 1 year because a filter fell out somehow, sent them in again. Sold the third pair to a guy in the Netherlands, his wire broke and they were only weeks old, but Shure Europe replaced them. So I will be staying away from Shures for a while and I agree the ER4's sound better.
  5. The blue looks cool!
  6. apnk


    Looks great, but I am not sold on the ceramic cases, what if you drop it or smash it on a hard surface? I ordered this German watch on Monday while the euro is weak compared to the dollar, but now the dollar seems to be going back were it was before. Can't wait to receive it! (pic not mine, found it on google.)
  7. I had a pair that the wire split after 9 months, Shure sent me a replacement pair. 10 months later that pair had a filter fall out somehow, Shure again sent me another pair. I sold them, because of little use, to some guy in the Netherlands. 2 weeks later he emailed asking if I had receipt because the sound was cutting out. To me it sounds like they have a batch problem because some beat them and they still work fine others like Humanflyz and I barely use them and they still break. I won't be buy Shures for a while.
  8. You could get a PCMCIA usb card and use a usb dac/amp. They have 2-4 usb slots. I have one and have my pico and mouse hooked up on it, on my laptops usb's I have my portable hard drive hooked up and it works great. About the Echo Indigo, I had the DJ version and both the headphone and linout is hiss free. Can't talk about how it sounded because I had a tomahawk and it was over a year ago.
  9. Helped my dad neuter a little goat. Poor guy, he's still sore right now.
  10. apnk

    Post Your Pet

    Here's Smarty (name given by the people at the animal shelter), I call him Smartass. This pic is his "I didn't do it" look.
  11. I just checked Justins pre-order list and it is huge! When I was on it I was like #120ish. I had my Pico since January and it makes my college life better! Love it with my ER4S's.
  12. I just bought this Bathys watch (sellers pic). Can't wait to get it!
  13. Today I bought a Logitech VX Nano and last week I bought a Seiko "Tuna can"
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