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  1. My condolences, Todd. RIP Ann.
  2. Happy Birthday, Marc! Have a great one.
  3. Happy Birthday, Peter! Hope it's been wonderful.
  4. Yes, lots of conventions and bidding systems in bridge. However, each player is supposed to have a convention card which states what bidding system and what conventions the pair plays. Also, if you don't understand the meaning of an opponents bid, you can refer to their convention card or ask the bidder's partner what the bid means. Bridge is a complicated game and nobody truly masters it, some just play it a lot better than others.
  5. Had a nice 2.5 hour local ride. Also broke 4000mi on the odometer.
  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Jim. Hope it was great!
  7. Condolences gentlemen. The hardest part of getting older is seeing loved ones pass.
  8. Rug? I thought straw floors were normal in Arkansas.
  9. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Have a wonderful day!
  10. Sorry for your loss, Craig. I know how much it hurts. Thank you and Carole for loving Cleo. RIP Cleo.
  11. I just started the demo a little early.
  12. A nice Blue and Gold Macaw. My Oscar (see profile photo) is a youngster, only 34 years old. 😁
  13. I bought two of those t-shirts. Still have one of them.
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